Welcome new bloggers! #nbi2016

nbimediumThe Newbie Blogger Initiative started on June 1 and will run until the end of this month. Everybody is welcome to join at any time! So, if you’re currently thinking of starting your own blog, now is the best time for it! Not only are there lots of us “veterans” around who have been blogging for a longer time and like to give advice if needed, there are also other new bloggers who are probably facing the same questions or even insecurities!

For me, at least, back then the biggest worry was: Do I actually have anything interesting to say or will I just be a waste of space in the internet? – The answer is pretty is: It depends on who you’re asking. :p There will always be critics and there will always be people who enjoy reading what you have written down. So there you go.

And now that we got this out of the way, let me say hello to those who have joined the Newbie Blogger Initiative as new bloggers!

The first one (no particular order, by the way!) is “Just East of West“. I can definitely relate to his post where he mentions that he is without a “home MMO” as I have been there as well before jumping into both Rift and Guild Wars 2 – and that backlog of offline games on Steam… better not talk about those, eh? ;)

Then there is “Pleasant Gamer“. This guy has blogged before! I definitely remembered the name and I was sure we had him on our blogroll even – and we did! Just as there had not been any new posts lately, I had put him on “hiatus”. And now it seems that he took the chance of NBI being here to get back into blogging. There is no recent blog post yet that I can link to, but I’ll definitely be waiting to read from him again! :)

Number Three on my list is “The Wild Core Chronicle“. At first, I thought it said “Wildstar” and it got me excited for a bit to see somebody blog about Wildstar. But eh, it’s better than Wildstar actually. EGrey’s blog is a blog about games as well as novel writing.

Then we’ve got “I’m Not Squishy“. Kluwes posted an introduction post on May 30: “This blog will chronicle my adventures through my backlog and serve as a platform to write about my unyielding love for MMOs, RPGs, and video games of every flavor.” – Again, that dreaded backlog of unplayed or unfinished games… I like that I don’t seem to be alone with this issue, though. By the way, it’s 2 months and 3 weeks of playing to get through my own unfinished games on Steam. ;)

The last one checking in as a newbie so far is “Shadowz Gaming Blog“. There is also an introduction post. Shadowz plans to use this blog to not write about her main MMO (Star Wars: The Old Republic), but she will  instead try to explore other MMOs and write about her experiences there. It definitely sounds like an interesting focus and I like reading about people’s first experiences in games, especially MMOs.

This is it for now. I hope there’ll be lots more joining us in the coming days. And if you are reading this and thinking about starting a blog: Yes, do so! And hop into our Discord channel where we can get to know you!

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