The hunt for my main character – again…

It seems that I can never make up my mind when it comes to the question of which character should be my main. I am waiting for the day that somebody creates the perfect class for me. I know by now that I prefer something tanky with tricks up their sleeves. I love spellcasters, but get bored of casting spell after spell. The wizard in Black Desert Online has a mix of spells and melee, so it should fit perfectly, but I am not sure yet.

BDO_Wizard on mount

To be honest, I mainly chose him because I could play him the best. The combat in Black Desert Online – as far as I can say with my limited experience – is awesome. It very much depends on your movements with evasive abilities and such. But the controls take a lot of time to get used to them. I don’t think I have ever made a list of skills for a character that isn’t even level 10 yet. But just to give those of you who do not play Black Desert Online, but may be interested in the combat, a taste, here is an example for my wizard, level 14. You can apparently use hotkeys (1, 2, 3 and so on) for some of those abilities, but some skills get weaker when you do that or cost more resources. I also don’t think I should be using each of those skills, but I really want to at least know all the skills. For me, there is nothing worse than “forgetting” about some skills my character has or – when it is a game where you can put all your skills on hotbars – not having all available skills on a hotbar, even if it is a skill you never use because of the build you chose.

Main key
Name Hotkeys What it does…
LMB Staff Attack LMB Damage, MP-Reg
LMB Fireball S + LMB Damage, DOT, Knockdown
LMB Mana Absorption Shift + LMB Steals mana
LMB Earth’s Response A + LMB / D + LMB Damage, Floating
RMB Magic Arrow RMB Damage
RMB Lightning Chain Shift + RMB Damage, Stiffness
E Healing Aura E HP and MP-Reg
E Freeze S + E Damage, Freezing
E Healing Lighthouse Shift + E Heals
F Dagger Stab F Damage, Stiffness
F Lightning S + F Damage, Stun
F Earthquake Shift + F Damage, Bound, Stiffness
Q Magical Shield Q Shield
Q Protected Area Shift + Q Shield for group
Space Teleport Shift + Space

My brain really needs a list like this to be able to memorize the skills in BDO. You should have also seen my little lists taped to my monitor when I played the warden in Lotro. With a list like this needed, you can probably guess why it’s just not possible for me to play several characters at once. Maybe I am getting old and my brain just doesn’t adapt to new things as easily anymore. ;)

I also tried out the Tamer, but she is strongest when played with her pet which she gets at level 20. While I don’t mind having a pet around, it does annoy me when it is there constantly and I have to rely on it. Such pet classes are just not made to be my main character.

Having open world PVP and the ability to attack and kill basically every other player, I also want something that isn’t too squishy and who doesn’t die immediately in such a situation. Or rather, I really love playing a character that could survive long enough, so others are a bit discouraged and think twice before attacking me. A bit like the paladin back in vanilla World of Warcraft. ;)

BDO_Valkyrie Severing Light

So it seems to come down to two choices currently (until they release the missing classes that are already in the Korean version of Black Desert Online…): The Wizard – because he’s fun to play and I can easily memorize the skills – and the Valkyrie, a class that is supposedly more tanky with some support abilities thrown into the mix. The Valkyrie can only be played as a female character. The male equivalent would be the warrior which is similar, but has a few skills that differ. I tried, but I could not create a look that I like for my warrior, so he is automatically out of the competition. It could be the most fun to play, but in an MMO, I also need to like the look of my character! You may know the struggles I’ve had with choosing between my mesmer and my warrior in Guild Wars 2… I have given up and am playing both. The problem is just that with my limited time, I feel I should make a decision and stick to that one sooner or later. I can’t play two main characters in every MMO I choose.

For the time being, I guess I will just switch between those two and see which one sticks in the end. Seeing how so much of the game is still a big question mark for me anyway, I guess having two low level characters is smarter than having one at a higher level.