Atlas Reactor Alpha returns on March 31

Yes, that’s right! We will finally be able to play Atlas Reactor again come March 31. According to Trion, this is the last alpha test and the game will go into closed beta afterwards.

Atlas Reactor PvP with Lockwood

What I couldn’t find in the announcement is for how long this alpha event will last. Maybe this will also depend on how much feedback they need. Either way, I am very excited about this and can’t wait to play again. In case you are now wondering whether this game is interesting for you or not, you can check out my first impressions review. But as always, please keep in mind that being in alpha, a lot of the game is subject to change which also means that my first impressions review can be outdated quickly.

Or you can just watch the video (also embedded in the first impressions review post) of me playing Aurora in the last alpha event:

And if you want my personal opinion – just in case you can’t tell what I think by the fact that I am posting my excitement about alpha coming back the very minute I saw the announcement: This game gets two thumbs up from me. The only criticism I have right now is that we do not know yet how monetization will work. Other than that, I believe it will be an awesome game!

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