Been there, done that

It took me until now to get my first character with 100 % map completion. Luckily, I did not do it so I could maybe get a legendary weapon that I like if they ever make one. It just felt as if my account was not “complete” without having at least one character with that star attached to her name and the title available.

GW2 World Completion

On the other hand, I am really not sure I will do that ever again… even though I have two main characters and it would be tempting. But was it fun? No, not really. Some maps are great, of course, and others I just immensely dislike. Straits of Devastation (the Western side) and most of all Malchor’s Leap are such maps. Especially Malchor’s Leap. When I decided to work on map completion with my warrior, I went with Malchor’s Leap first, so I could do the nicer maps later. Altogether, I had 6 or 7 maps left that were not yet at 100 %.

I did stop to smell the flowers, mine some ore, participate in an event and, of course, take some screenshots, so that it ended up feeling a little bit more like a journey instead of a “grinding task”. As usual, for me the best part of this little two-day-journey was finding some really nice corners of the world that I had not seen or noticed before. Or stepping into corners I had not been at in quite some time. Either way, it was a refreshing change from Verdant Brink and I loved that I could glide through the areas while always landing on solid ground in the end (as you can guess, I am not a huge fan of multi-layer maps).


  1. I’m attempting a 100% map completion right now with my character that is closest to it at 85%. I kind of want to do this for the achievement, but I’m mostly doing this to see parts of the world I haven’t been to yet. I love exploring around. Although I’m with you, doing this for the achievement doesn’t feel fun. But I am seeing some new places now.


    1. I’ve seen most of the places with one of my several characters, so it was a bit boring at times, especially in Orr. But yeah, the places I did explore and see for the first time were really nice! :D

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