Ask Nerdy Bookahs: March 2016

It’s time for another “Ask Nerdy Bookahs”. We have looked through the search terms that led people to our blog for which we know we do not have fitting answers in our blog posts and we’re trying to cover those topics here now. For better readability, I am changing the plain “search terms” to correct the grammar and add the missing question marks. :p

Is anything placed in the officer chest going to despawn in Trove?

logo_troveNo! The officer chest works just as the other chests. They are a permanent storage space. If you placed something in there and it “disappears” it is very likely that another officer from your club took out the item. If it disappears and nobody touched the chest, then I recomment contacting support as that sounds like a bug then. But usually, nothing despawns. Also, be careful with the “community chest” you can find in the hub or even place in your club. That one can be accessed by every single player in Trove, so items placed in there will be taken out within a few seconds.

Best areas for experience [at] level 50 in Guild Wars 2?

logo_GW2I assume you meant where you can level the fastest, right? Since they added the megaservers, I never really saw any map be empty, so I would say that it doesn’t matter. If you take a look at our “Regions by level” post, you can see that at level 50, you have several choices. Also keep in mind that you get downlevelled in areas where your character is too high level. So theoretically, if time isn’t an issue, you can go to lower level regions and still receive experience to level. Anyway, Blazeridge Steps and Dredgehaunt Cliffs are for levels 40 to 50, so with level 50, you are actually leaving those areas. Bloodtide Coast is for levels 45 to 55, so you will be able to level in there and even find some challenging areas. Iron Marches and Timberline Falls are just opening up for you. If it were me, I would choose Iron Marches over Timberline Falls, simply because I enjoy the scenery there and it is fascinating lore-wise (with the Great Northern Wall and all that). But since you can just use waypoints to teleport, I would say just go check out the maps and if you find one with active events and players doing them, stay there.

Your favourite profession in Guild Wars 2 and why?

Mesmer, warrior, engineer and thief – depending on when you had asked me since the game’s launch, the answer would have been one of these. It also probably highly depends on my current mood and what I’m doing in the game. Most of the time, it was either mesmer or warrior.

GW2 Rata Novus Fighting

The mesmer is fun for her tricky gameplay. I like being able to get out of difficult combat situations with her illusions, switching positions with a clone and so on. The warrior, on the other hand, has more “oomph”, especially in melee, and she is a lot more forgiving when it comes to mistakes or standing in the middle of an attack.

Is the Revenant in Guild Wars 2 fun?

Oh, I know the person who entered that search term was probably just looking for other people’s experiences, but in the end, it’s always up to yourself whether you think something is fun or not. In my case, yes, I think the Revenant is fun, but I have not played her much. I cheated and used Tomes of Knowledge to get her to level 80. I had first considered levelling her the regular way, but then realized that if I did that, all the experience would go into her levelling up, while when I boosted her to 80, she would immediately be able to gather mastery XP instead and my time would be spent much more effectively that way. It’s a bit sad that it works like this, though, especially as I feel a bit overwhelmed with playing a new profession. Hey, if you’ve been following this blog, you may have realized that I am getting old (or I’m just stressed and tired from work… either way :p). I regularly fall asleep in front of the PC in the evenings. Not even because of lack of sleep, but just because concentrating on something after a day of work is not possible anymore. So, I rather play in a way that doesn’t require much concentration which is essentially playing with my mesmer or my warrior with whom I have the most experience.

Back to the Revenant: I think this profession’s mechanics are refreshing, because they are different from the other professions. You choose a stance and with those, you get a fixed set of utility skills, one stance-specific heal skill and elite skill. You can switch between two stances which means that you get 6 different utility skills, two heal and two elite skills to use. But in general, for me at least, the profession is not more fun than my mesmer and my warrior, so I am still mainly playing these two.

Lion’s Arch loading screen

This is currently the loading screen. If you have an issue with Lion’s Arch taking a long time to load: I think that’s normal. At least, the loading screen is interesting to look at. :p Having Guild Wars 2 on my SSD reduces the loading time a lot for me, though.

GW2 Lion's Arch Loading Screen