Before and after: My Tamer

If you know me, you are probably not surprised to hear that I spent most of my time creating my characters in Black Desert Online. I was a bit disappointed that the classes are mostly gender-locked and I still am disappointed, since it’s an MMO and not an RPG where a specific character comes with a specific story attached. Alas, complaining and whining doesn’t help and the game seems to be really great otherwise.

My bigger issue was with the tamer. I saw the character on the character creation screen and all I saw was this cute little Asian-looking girl. Awwww. Definitely not of age yet, but out there to conquer the world. The class itself seemed interesting, but while I like playing both male and female characters, I just cannot stand playing a character that looks like a little girl.

BDO Default Tamer

So, my first try was to randomly switch a few buttons around. The result was… well, not too good. But I had only wanted to give the class a try, after all. Then I deleted her again – and found out that character deletion takes 24 hours in Black Desert Online.

BDO_Tamer first choice

And tonight, I could finally get to maybe creating the final Tenddra. IF I managed to create one that looked a bit older. I don’t know how much time I spent in the character creation now, but I’ve got to say, I am more than just a little happy about the result!

BDO_New Tenddra_TamerAnd with that, I take back my previous statement. She doesn’t look like she could be my mother, but she certainly lost that “little girl” look. I have also become a fan of bright orange-y hair. I wonder if that has anything to do with the way I have been dyeing my hair lately… :p

Now I just hope I actually enjoy playing her or I’ll have to wait 24 hours again before I can create another character.


  1. Love the face/eyes you ended up with. Any chance you have a customization file that you’re willing to share? I haven’t had much luck with getting a good look for the Tamer myself :-/


    1. I knew I had my Valkyrie saved as I had not been sure with how I had created her. But I didn’t think I had one of my tamer. I still checked and yes, the one file called “CustomizationData” seems to be of my tamer. :) I can give it to you, of course!


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