Let the adventure begin…

Do I need another MMO? Certainly not! So, where did this little guy come from? Hello there…

I admit it, I’m weak. This game wasn’t even on my radar, especially since it has open world PvP. But oddly enough, I do miss open world PvP (not the WoW kind, but the WAR kind). And and… it has so many other things like crafting, housing… and it is pretty and shiny! I am also currently taking a break from Rift and Trove. My real life job is stressful. I’ve been in pain for several weeks. I need this. Yes, definitely. That’s it. I need something new and shiny.

Black Desert Online Wizard

Well, this is actually the kind of conversation I’ve been having with myself over the last three days where I was contemplating buying Black Desert Online (it’s a “buy to play” MMO). Bookahnerk’s train of thought had been relatively similar, only that he caved in on Sunday already – and gave me the 7 day guest pass to just try out the game.

I’ve tried out several classes – only the first few levels – and the wizard seems to be the easiest for me to handle while trying to get used to the controls (clicking “S” and the left mouse button to activate the Fireball does feel a bit awkward, but I guess I’ll get used to those combinations).

The only thing I already dislike immensely is the gender-locking of classes. And the fact that some girls look like little girls. I want a woman character, not a teenager! So I went with this guy instead.

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