Freelancer Rask in Atlas Reactor

This is too good not to share here. :) The picture shows one of the freelancers of Atlas Reactor. Freelancers are the characters you can choose to play. That little furry guy reminds me a lot of charr. He is only lacking two couples of horns and ears respectively. :p

Atlas Reactor Charr Freelancer Rask

I am going to share my impressions here with you about Atlas Reactor tomorrow or Sunday the latest. I first feel that I actually do need to collect a few more impressions before I can really write about them. Especially since I’ve mostly been hiding in “bots only” games. Depending on how… how to phrase it… focused on e-sports and winning the community will be later on (post-release, of course), this is the game mode you will find me in, of course. The couple of PvP games I’ve played so far were nice. Most of us are still new to the game, after all. Still, this is always a concern of mine.

Anyway, if anybody still needs an alpha key, contact me. :)

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