Project: Wildstar Housing

I did it! I managed to get my second character to level 14 which is where you unlock your housing plot. In case you’re now sitting there in front of your monitor pondering the amount of effort it needs to get to 14 – don’t bother. It’s fast. I’m just slow. ;)

My Rift housing project has been put on hiatus for the time being. This is mostly due to lacking the items I actually want. If you can’t get regular dishes except for once a year during a special holiday, it’s just very discouraging. In this case, I wanted to build a second shower with a shower head and the dishes are the perfect items. But I would have to take it away in one dimension and rebuild it in the second as I’m lacking dishes. So… yeah. It’s a tiny thing, but annoyed me, so I decided to have a more thorough look at Wildstar’s housing first. Since I really like the concept of having a little “oasis”, I figured this would be a nice theme for my little one’s housing plot.

The general system of placing items is very similar to the one in Rift. You can freely place items, rotate them, scale them and so on. You can also just place “whole items” in there or try to build things yourself. I read a post some time ago where they were talking about which of the bigger houses is best to build a second floor in. That sounded very similar to what I had done in my first dimension in Rift!

You can change the ground and the sky according to your needs and you can choose a house to build on there. Since Tenedra is still so small, she couldn’t get the bigger houses yet. I chose the cozy exile house for the time being. I like its interior, so it’s perfect for me now. Then I placed a single palm and two enhancements. One gives me a crafting area and the other gives me relic items to mine every day. Relics is what I need for my crafting profession. Other than that, it’s a huge empty land waiting for me to fill it with life. :D