Blogging 101: A little fly on the wall…

Day 11 of “Blogging 101” asked me to take a daily prompt and make it fit to my blog’s content. The first prompt was boring as I had more or less just written about it anyway. I opted for the “try another” option and was shown a prompt from March 2015.

If you could be a “fly on the wall” anywhere and at any time in history, where and when would you choose?

This is a very nice question which, of course, I will turn into a game-related one. Let’s see… if I could be a fly in a development studio, which one would it be – and which department. They don’t all make games in their basements, after all. :p I would probably choose ArenaNet, because they are the most secretive of them all. I would try not to look over the shoulders of the ones working on the living story, though. I don’t want to spoil that for me! But I think I’d fly around trying to find out whether anybody is currently working on SAB or anything other “activity-related”. Hey, a fly can dream, right? And before I had to leave, I would stop by their food/candy corner! Alternatively, Wildstar’s developers Carbine would be nice, too! They did recently say that they cannot yet tell us what they have been working on since the game went free to play. But they are working on new things to come…

Charr Rytlock using a new ability he gained in Heart of Thorns

Or let’s try this: If I could be a fly on a wall of any “famous” gaming character, which one would it be? Thrall from World of Warcraft maybe? To me, he has always been the most powerful of the Warcraft characters. Ready to set aside the hatred between men and orcs and strive towards peace – or a truce, at least. I don’t know enough about the story in Wildstar to choose any character and Rift’s lore is too confusing for me, so I’ll pass. Rytlock in Guild Wars 2 would be awesome, though. I want to know what he saw and experienced in the Mists! If it could be any time, I could even be the fly in the mists watching Rytlock! This little fly is starting to think big here!

What do you think?

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