Christmas present: Glider skins!

Before Christmas, I had gotten a nice surprise in the mail. My former colleague (from when I had that horrible-job-from-hell) had not just sent a Christmas card, but also an 800 gem code for me! I immediately went to the GW2 shop in-game and browsed through the items. While I like the basic glider skin, my eyes had set on the “Exalted Glider” before. However, I had not really wanted to buy gems just for a glider skin, especially this close after spending money on the game for the expansion.

So those were the first 400 gems spent. Unfortunately, that glider can’t be dyed. I didn’t really expect it to be dyeable since it has a very specific colouring. And it doesn’t really go with my mesmer’s usual choice of colours – that is, bright and very colourful! But still, it looks cool!

Exalted Glider Skin

On Saturday, I saw somebody mention that one of the minis which you can buy in the gemstore (until tomorrow – so, it’ll be gone in less than 24 hours in case you’re still trying to decide whether to get it or not!), the Mini Angry Wintersday Gift, also gives you a quest chain which will reward you with another glider skin in the end, the Ugly Wool Glider. And that one can even be dyed. I immediately checked the wiki entry and then hurried to log on to get that mini. I have to say, it’s a really ugly mini. I don’t think I will ever have it outside. But that doesn’t matter. In the end, that glider skin cost me 400 gems which is just as much as the other glider skin I had bought. I just wish it had been more visible as I had almost missed the chance to get the item.

Ugly Wool Glider_GW2

I am also quite glad that it doesn’t look too wintery. Especially not after dyeing it pink and dark blue. :p I also like the feeling of “going shopping” without actually spending anything… well, not my money, at least. :p

I’ve seen several people make wishlists of what they wish for Guild Wars 2 in 2016. I could list a lot of things, most of them quite obvious: New content, for example. But right after that would be: More skins that you can earn in the game as rewards. Out of the 10 glider skins currently available, only one – the basic one you get when you buy the expansion and unlock the gliding feature – is free (well, after paying for the expansion :p). All others are from the gem store. Same with minis where most are from the gem store, too. I’d really like to work towards/play the game for a new glider skin.

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