Blogging 101: Do something new!

I am going to summarize the last few days in one blog post since they were more “behind the scenes” tasks. The second task asked us to change the title of the blog and the tagline. I am more than happy with the current title (simply “Nerdy Bookahs”), so I didn’t change that one. The tagline needed an update, though. I think it still said “A blog about Guild Wars 2 and Rift”. I changed it to “Guild Wars 2, Wildstar… and other games!”. This was a nice and short task to do.

The third task asked us to use the WordPress Reader and subscribe to 5 new tags there as well as to follow new blogs on there. I haven’t done the latter yet, but since I didn’t even use the Reader before, I will have a look at it more often and then add/follow blogs that I find interesting.

And then there was the fourth task. It sounded really tricky at first: Write for your ideal reader and add something new to your post. I have always said that I will try to write mostly for myself and see who else likes it because for me, that’s the only way it will work. Otherwise, I’d worry too much about whether my writing is any good, whether the content is interesting enough etc. But the “something new” is intriguing. I was just lacking an idea. They suggested adding a song (possible copyright issues – no thank you ^^), adding a picture from Pinterest or embed a video. I regularly embed videos already and while I do have Pinterest, I prefer uploading images to this WordPress account here.

But then I thought about the third day’s task: Following new tags. I haven’t told you which ones I added, right? I chose “Wildstar”, “Guild Wars 2”, “Trove” and “Steam Early Access”. And then I added something non gaming-related: “Pencil Drawing”.

I used to draw regularly. Almost exclusively with pencils unless a school project forced me to use something else. Before you get excited: It has always been a hobby for me or school tasks, nothing more. Back when I was a child, I sometimes got the urge to “do” something, to create something! I got restless and could not sit still until I had found a way to get rid of that urge. Sometimes it was drawing, later on it was also writing (I obviously first had to learn how to write… :p). In the last… oh… 10 years or so, I haven’t had that urge or the time (I would say I didn’t have the Muße – which Wikipedia translates with Otium. Never heard that word, but it sounds fitting, so I’ll include it here).

Oddly enough, whenever I tried to draw without that feeling, the drawings turned out rather bad. Or maybe I just thought they were really bad, who knows. Either way, I don’t think I’m really great at drawing. I just like doing it and have recently bought lots of new pencils and want to use drawing as a relaxation method to get away from stress and I figured it’d be a perfect timing for the “do something new” task. I am letting you in on something about myself that has nothing to do with gaming and I’m going to show you some of my old drawings as well as the recent practice sketches. Again, I don’t say I’m good – but I don’t think I’m really bad either. Publishing my old drawings here, however, still makes me a bit nervous as you always open yourself up to criticism with something like that and I never made them to show them publicly anyway. But getting out of your comfort zone once in a while is a good thing. So here we go. :)

2 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Do something new!

  1. Rakuno says:

    I am also of the belief of writing for oneself otherwise we would just stare at the blank space for a blog post all day trying to figure out what our hypothetical reader would want.

    As for your drawings, I like them! They look good to me even more so considering it is something you drew without practising every day. Sounds like a good way to relax too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • paeroka says:

      I think the key here is that I do not write for an audience per se. I am happy about and thankful for every reader I have (especially the kind that also comments like you do! :D), but other than that, I really don’t have any expectations. I guess blogs that want to get money out of it need to focus on their readers a lot more.

      Liked by 1 person

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