Rift and Trove are giving me… SAB?

Us poor Guild Wars 2 players have been yearning to set foot into SAB (Super Adventure Box) again for months now and it doesn’t look as if we’d get it back any time soon. Now Rift and Trove (both developed by Trion) have one of their special cross-promotions again. If you play Rift, you can unlock the chloromancer, the newest class in Trove when you talk to an NPC in Rift and if you play Trove, you’re getting the dimension (housing area) “Peaceful Hills” in Rift for free. I set foot into the dimension and immediately felt like back in SAB. Of course, it’s the look of Trove, but the character is from Rift. The same effect happened in SAB with my Guild Wars 2 character in a blocky world. This is so weird… :p

GW2 Super Adventure Box April 2013
Guild Wars 2 – Super Adventure Box

The only problem here is that there are no fighting NPCs that you can place in this dimension and there are no Trove building blocks. So that dimension is a bit pointless, I guess. Still, I love having it. Every character receives the key for this dimension in their mail, so I can collect it with all my characters. An alt will get to keep it activated, just for fun. And maybe I can think of a theme or items that fit in there somehow.