Games I want to play during winter break

To be honest, the list of games I would want to play during my break is much too long, especially considering we’ll be gone visiting family for about half of the time anyway. But there’s that. A list of games that maybe, I will get the time to play a little bit more, at least. I didn’t bother to put them in a ranking. This would change daily anyway, depending on my current mood.

“Theme Hospital”

I admit, this is only on the list since – today. I saw two people on a German stream play the game and remembered that I bought it from GOG some time ago. It was lots of fun! And it’s the perfect game to play on my non-gaming laptop when we’re visiting family and I need some alone-time. When I last played it, I think I had to stop because my hospital had gotten ugly and wasn’t functioning well anymore. Then I had been out of the game for too long and knew I’d need a lot of hand-holding from Google or the game’s tutorial to get into the game again. Additionally, it is a bit annoying to only have the full-screen window or the tiny resolution in windowed mode. In the end, it’s worth it, though. A fun quirky game where you build a hospital and hopefully get to cure a lot of patients.

 “Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishment”

This is actually quite new in my library, but I want to solve that murder and I want to know all about the murderer now. Most of the time, bookahnerk and I are watching something or talking to each other after work, though, so playing a game where I want to listen to every word that is said is not something I really want to do on those evenings. But when I have all day long, I can easily do that. :)

“Torchlight II” or “The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut”

I just want to finish one of the action RPG titles in my library. So far, I have managed to play through Torchlight I and Diablo 3. I am not so much a fan of running through the games over and over again to get the best items, but I do like playing through the stories and trying to get good items while doing so. I think I will first try to finish Torchlight II. It just seems easier than Final Cut, and also easier to decide which skills I want to use and level up.

“Civilization V”

This is one of the games that I know I will get to play! I am not going to play it on my own, but together with bookahnerk. We even already put it in our schedules, just so we don’t forget about it. Yeap, December is a very busy month. So, I’m really looking forward to our Civ V-Day where we’ll team up and play against the AI. I plan to conquer the sea and he’s planning to conquer the other countries by foot (or horses if he ever gets them… :p).

Folk Tale Villagers

“Folk Tale”

The game that is still in development. A lot of things have changed since I bought it and while I did follow it closely for a while, I’ve stopped doing that and some changes just went under my radar, I think. I definitely need to catch up on the development and see what they have managed to add into the game in the past few weeks. Everything that I saw on the game developer’s streams seemed very interesting and good, so I’m quite excited about it.

“Wurm Unlimited”

Another game I had to get as soon as it came out and then never played… whoops. In my defense, work has gotten really busy and I’ve gotten ill and… yeah, there you have it. Life. Standard life. I really do want to check out Wurm Unlimited, though, and explore the world. Having it all for myself with no other players around feels… gigantic. I remember my first trip through Wurm Online and how adventurous I felt. At the same time, so many places in the world were already occupied by players’ houses, that it also felt really limited (I had tried to find a small plot to do something… I don’t remember what… for which I needed some land that wasn’t owned by another player and I failed to find anything).

Wurm Online_40

“Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning” or “Skyrim”

Just kidding… I can’t even count anymore how often I’ve already restarted those games and I always said to myself that this time I would play through the end and not stop playing for such a long time that I could not get back into the game (and more importantly, into my character) anymore.


  1. Pretty interesting list. :)

    This is the second time I remember you mentioning that Sherlock Holmes game and now I am getting real curious about it. I would really like to play a good Sherlock Holmes game but the impression I’ve always got from previous one is that they are crap. I am wondering if this might finally be a good one.

    This also reminds me I need to finish one of the Torchlight games too! (I never finished either the first or the second one!). But I will probably get to that after I finish one of the Witcher games (I never finished the first one! >_<)

    Oh, and just for curiosity, is it actually possible for both players in Civilization V to cooperate and win? Or will it be a case of you and Bookahnerk cooperating with each other and then once all other civilizations are eliminated you will duel each other for supremacy? It is just that I always had the impression that Civlization multiplayer games there wasn't any option for cooperative victory. Only the usual "There can be only one!" kind of victory. Not that I ever played multiplayer, mind you. It is just the impression I always got. :p


    1. I’ve read really good reviews about this Sherlock game, so I hope it’ll be good. So far, it’s nothing extraordinary, but not bad either. Of course, I have just started with my first case. :p I am interested in finding out what went on, though. There is a way to “combine clues” and you can be wrong about your combination, I think, but I didn’t really understand this feature…

      We started as a team in Civ V. When you do that, you share a lot of things and as far as I know, you can win or lose together, but you’re not going to defeat each other. :)

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    1. It is! I just fear I’ll have to replay the tutorial to get into it again. But other than that, I really am looking forward to having some time for that game again. :)

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