Announcing the winners of week 1

I’ll keep this relatively short and in English (for the Germans: Wenn ihr euren Namen unten seht, habt ihr gewonnen :p).

The winner of 2000 gems for Guild Wars 2 is septevar! Congratulations! Have fun with your additional bank space and watch out for the code which we are going to send to you via email. :)

The Blade & Soul t-shirt as well as the Rowsdower keychain will go to Stella Starfox! Kitiandra and Shaozal have both won one Wildstar code each. Congratulations to you as well! I will send the codes via email and will also send an email to Stella Starfox.

Don’t forget that this was only week 1. The giveaway for week 2 is active already until next Tuesday and everybody can participate again! Winning here does not exclude you from participating in our other weeks’ giveaways. :)

(All winners were chosen using and in true Christmas-fashion, I’ve checked the list of entries twice :p)

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  1. Awesome!! Thanks a lot and congratulations to the other winners!! ^_^ and for those that didn’t win: better luck next time! :D


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