My first level 50

Wildstar medic level 50Hitting max. level with my first character is always very exciting in any MMO I’ve played. It was no different with Wildstar this time. What was different was the speed at which I suddenly achieved this. For weeks, I’ve been slowly levelling. Sometimes one level a week only. Then I realized that when I focus on story quests, have rested XP (logging off in your house helps with that) and use one of the XP-buff flasks that I got from my daily login rewards, I can really dash through the levels. Well, that plus being ill and looking for distraction.

I took “levelling up screenshots” just like I used to do back in World of Warcraft. I didn’t bother with those in Guild Wars 2. With these screenshots, I can also easily see how fast the last levels came in: I hit level 42 yesterday evening. Within 7 hours (real time, not played time – I did take breaks! ^^), I got to level 50.

I still feel very much like a newbie in Wildstar. Now with maximum level, the XP bar changed to “elder gems”. I have no idea what those are used for.

WS Gechi RosixSo there’s my medic all grown up now. I wonder what’s next… maybe another character… maybe Dominion to see the other side of the game. I also haven’t dared setting a foot into a dungeon yet. I definitely need to do that. Although I think that I should probably rather do that with a low level character in  lower dungeon to get used to group play first. Or I’ll concentrate on levelling up my medic’s crafting professions. And housing. There’s definitely housing that I need to focus on now.