Black Friday sales and me…

A couple of years ago, I had never even heard of “Black Friday”. Then I knew what it was because gaming websites reported about it. It also “helped” that the German Amazon website introduced their Cyber Monday week. This year, I even heard the term “Black Friday” on radio ads for regular local shops as well as bigger chains. I still think it’s weird, because we don’t have anything special during that week and I’m pretty sure that if you asked the general German out there, he/she would have no idea where “Black Friday” even came from. Anyway, being a gamer, I am now well aware of what those terms means and I know the terror my wallet must go through during those days. However, I was a good girl: I only bought a couple of games. :p

Double Dragon

I bought “Double Dragon” on GOG. I don’t even remember if it was part of the Black Friday deals. I just saw that name, saw that the trilogy was on sale and had to grab the game, no matter what! In this case, it’s not even that I want to play the game again. It is pure, 100 % nostalgia: I have an older brother, but to be honest, we never got along… except for a few “game” moments. One was when he taught me how to play table-tennis (I was never good, but good enough for him to play with sometimes). The other was when we built cars with legos and drove them against the door of our guest room (which we used for playing with our legos) as hard as we could (my mum hated that we did that because the lacquer on the door suffered – it was ooooold lacquer on an ooooold door, though – and it was loud. :p). If your car was the one sustaining the longest, you won. And then there was Double Dragon… I remember how we would play this game together and my mum would call us for lunch and we both just yelled: “Yes, in a miiiiinute!” – It took much longer. My mum was actually quite angry as lunch had gotten cold. At the same time, she was also quite happy, I think, because me and my brother had been playing along peacefully. In fact, he had even said how he enjoyed playing that game with me and how I was quite good! Since I’d been about… oh, I don’t know… 10 years old or so (him being 15 or 16 years old at the time), this was quite the compliment! :p

I bought the game now, tried to play it with my keyboard and quickly gave up. I either got REALLY bad in the last 15+ years or – probably more likely – I need to use my controller to play the game. ;)

Another game I got was Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink – Never heard of it before, but I currently like playing games that don’t require my constant and fast reaction, especially given how many times I’ve fallen asleep in front of the PC in the last few weeks. No, don’t tell me to go to bed earlier! I’m trying to keep my sleeping schedule. :p My body just needs to adjust to the lack of light outside. I haven’t played it much so far, but the few minutes of playtime that I did get, the game seemed to be cute and had quite nice voice-over.


Crookz – The Big Heist: I played the demo before the game got released and like that game’s genre. Having it set in the 70s is a nice twist. The last game like that which I played was Shadowrun. I like Science Fiction, but I just get “enough of it” after a while (unlike fantasy settings). I decided not to get the game for full price and definitely not before launch and before more reviews had gotten in, because I just wasn’t sure I would really like it. It has gotten a “Mostly Positive” on Steam which is good enough for me. I liked the demo (basically, the tutorial), I like the setting and I think I really can’t do anything wrong for 6,24 € here. I also still go by my “movie theatre”-rule: If I can get about 1.5 to 2 hours of entertainment per 7 € spent, I get as much entertainment as I would out of a movie.

And then there is Sherlock Homes: Crimes and Punishments. This game had not even been on my wishlist until a few days ago. Nor had I heard of it before. I don’t even remember where I’d seen it, but it had immediately caught my attention. Somebody was playing it on Twitch, I think. Solving crimes – or puzzles rather – is nice and I saw a comparison to L.A. Noire in some player’s review. While yes, the review said it “falls a bit short” compared to it, it was still nice to see that game’s name there, as I happen to love L.A. Noire! Unfortunately, I get simulation sickness in Sherlock Holmes, as I can’t move the camera further away from my character and it’s shaking a bit too much. But well, I’ll just slowly continue playing it and I think I will be fine.

Tropico 5 tourist area

And as a “last minute” shopping spree, I bought the last remaining DLCs for Tropico 5. 3 € per DLC is much too expensive if you ask me. 0,74 € is okayish… actually, considering that some development time went into the DLC (but not much, I would guess, considering the DLCs are very “light”), it’s a good deal. I just don’t know if I’ll even use the new buildings that came with the DLCs. Then again, it is now complete and I have everything. Also, I am at 103 hours played right now. So I am preeetty certain I got my money’s worth out of the game either way.

I don’t even want to think about Christmas which is coming closer… there will be more sales then, right? I know I won’t have the time to play the games I just bought until then… oh dear. But I’ll try! :)


  1. I can relate. I first learned about Black Friday and Cybermonday because of gaming too. Then a few years later the local commerce started to do it in Brazil too. At first I was “What the hell?!?” but people nowadays seem to have assimilated it pretty well. Unfortunately there are also some unscrupulous stores who raise their prices a few days before it then lower it back to normal and pretend they are giving a discount.

    The Double Dragon series also brings me a lot of nostalgia. When my brother and I were kids we used to fight a lot. But when it came to games we always loved to play some co-op game like Double Dragon, Final Fight, Battletoads, Streets of Rage and so on. A shame that kind of game died though. The gameplay might not have been all that creative but the bond we formed while playing them together is irreplaceable. Makes me wonder if kids nowadays have anything like that. MMORPGs might be the closest thing, I guess.

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    1. Sounds like we have that in common with our brothers. :) My brother and I also played Bubble Bobble together. He used to tell me where to go and what to do (not in a condescending way, but in a strategic way). And, of course, he introduced me to “Airline”, an economic simulation game with no action whatsoever and I fell in love with that genre. :)

      For bookahnerk and his sister (who’s a lot younger than us), it was World of Warcraft, actually. Since we are living a few hundred kilometres away from her, this worked really well. So yeah, I guess it is MMOs nowadays, for several reasons.

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  2. It is the same for me: I only know of Black Friday through gaming, and if it wasn’t for the gaming Twitter community – which is heavily US oriented – I wouldn’t have known about Thanksgiving being prior to it either. And now my favourite online clothing store has started doing it as well. I don’t mind shops having some discounts ofc, but I don’t think it is a date I’m going to mark in my calendar or anything.

    I only bought one game on Black Friday, a birthday present for my boyfriend (which is why I’m not writing the name down here, although it is unlikely he will see it).

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    1. There are so many sales nowadays anyway – at least for games. I decided to only buy those I really couldn’t resist. The rest will have to wait until the Christmas sales (coming up within the next few weeks, after all) and Easter sales which aren’t too far off either, considering I don’t actually have the time to play through the games I recently bought until then anyway. :p

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