Winterfest Event in Wildstar

Now that Halloween is gone, it’s time to look forward to the Wintersday festitivities. As much as I like Halloween (orange and green belong to my favourite colours, after all), I usually enjoy the Wintersday events more – mostly the one in Guild Wars 2 with its choir bell and yes, even the jumping puzzle! The one event puzzle I am actually able to complete on a regular basis! The colours and the music are also amazing and I just really like how peaceful everything looks as soon as you add a little snow (please note that I said “a little”).

Wildstar PTR Winterfest Thayd

However, this year Wildstar may actually become my favourite wintersday event. They have not had events in their first year after release. As far as I know, this was because they focused on polishing the game first. Now that they have done so and relaunched as a “free to play” title, they are also adding seasonal events. The Halloween one was their first and the atmosphere they created was amazing. They have recently put the Winterfest on their Public Test Realm, so I went there to check it out. Wildstar being Wildstar, I was expecting them to combine it with some irony and I am happy to report that I didn’t get disappointed at all. Of course, the Protostar Corporation is using this opportunity to spread the charm that we all know, the one called Consumerism, obviously. In fact, you even get to distract some pesky Aurin who insist on adding some spiritual nonsense to this perfect business opportunity. How dare they!

You can hear several of the Winterfest songs in this video.

Wildstar winterfest Rowsdower slippersOn the other hand, when it comes to the actual gameplay, I am not sure yet how much fun Wildstar’s events will be. I did the daily quests and while they were enjoyable, I am certain they will get boring once you have done them a couple of times. However, after looking at the rewards you can buy with the new in-game Winterfest currency, I also know that I will want to do the dailies! I need those slippers! Except for the hat (what is it with MMOs and bad hat design?), I like all the pieces of the respective outfit, especially on my Granok, but the slippers are simply awesome!  Rowsdowers are the murlocks and the quaggans of Wildstar, apparently. I wonder if I could furnish my complete house in Wildstar with Rowsdower items only… Hmm… Tempting.

But back to the gameplay. There is an instance with a public event, but I only entered it to watch the cinematic that plays – and then re-entered to replay the cinematic, so bookahnerk could see it, too. So the long-term fun kind of depends on how that event plays out. The Public Test Realm is down right now, so I can’t go check the event. Then again, I do actually want to keep something to explore for when it releases on the live client. But the atmosphere, the decorations and the music are amazing already, so I know that the spirit will be there, at least. Well, filled to the brim with consumerism, as mentioned above, but then it just fits perfectly that I really want and need to buy those shoes, right? ;) And in case the event and the dailies are boring, there will always be the Guild Wars 2 choir bell…


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