My new second main character

Ever since playing an engineer in Warhammer Online, I have fallen in love with that style. The only thing I missed in Guild Wars 2, was the hammer-weapon. When ArenaNet announced that this would be the very weapon that the engineer gets with their elite specialization, I got very excited! Quite obviously, I had to try it during a beta weekend and I did fall in love again with that profession in general. So, now I switched up my “most played characters” in Guild Wars 2. My main characters are my mesmer (alternating between a shield and a weapon in her off-hand) and my charr engineer who is currently wielding two pistols and the elixir gun, as he’s still missing the hero points needed for the scrapper specialization.

I had originally created that character only for a column I was writing on GuildMag. But then I really loved the charr & engineer combination so much, that my asura engineer never got further than level 21. But since I had mainly created my charr in a way that he looks good on that header image for the column, I wasn’t too happy with his final look when I started to seriously play him. Now that I’m playing him again and intend to get him through Heart of Thorns as well, I grabbed a hairstyle kit that I still had in my bank and used it to make his look fit better to his personality while still kind of fitting to the colour scheme I chose for him. In case you are wondering: No, he can never be seen without his trusted loyal soldier companion. ;)

I still get very “nervous” when switching the look of my characters. It’s not so bad in games like Rift where you can do it with in-game currency. In Guild Wars 2, there is a real-money-fee tied to those kits… well, most of the time, at least. I got mine through black lion chest keys that I farmed when the level 10 farming was still possible. Anyway, since the free customizations are limited, I do want to be certain that this is the right look for my character. I am still not 100 % certain with Griphos, my engineer, but I still think it’s an improvement over the boring look he had before.


  1. Engineer is my favorite class in GW2 and in my opinion they fit perfect with Charrs although the majority thinks that Asura are best for engineers.. The hammer addition is great for me and fts in the middle range combat which is into the engineer. My main issue with engineer in HoT are the drones. As an idea they are awesome, but on the execution they are kind of pointless to use..

    By the way only free accounts are not able to buy gems with in game currency, so if your character is rich in game, s/he can change appearance many times, its just expensive..
    Also Griphos in Greek means something like riddle, a puzzler, i bet it would fit better for a mesmer :P

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    1. I don’t play with drones. I like them in theory, but found them a bit… clunky to use? Or just not useful, as you said. :p

      What I mean with “free” is that nobody pays for them. If I spend gold to buy gem, I only buy gems that somebody else paid for. So, those gems weren’t originally free. ;) They would be free for me, though, yes.

      I know about “Griphos”. Tilion told me about it. :p Still, I’d used that name in other games before where it came from the name “Grifolina” which I’d used for a female dwarf – but I guess you can see how confusing that name would be for a male charr… :p

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