Claiming Lost Precipice

Yesterday, our German guild had planned their first try to claim their guild hall. To be honest, we have kind of neglected those guys this year. We know each other from Warhammer Online where we even switched from Destruction to Order only to play with them. A step we never regretted! Of course, we also wanted to play Guild Wars 2 with them, but with being on different servers, it was kind of difficult to do. Since ArenaNet has changed to those “mega servers”, it’s become a lot easier! When playing with them yesterday, it was no issue at all that we’re on Aurora Glade and they are on Drakkar Lake.

GW2 Lost Precipice Guild Hall

Just as we did in Dragon Season, this guild also had a poll to choose which of the two available guild halls to claim. Unlike Dragon Season, the Drachenreiter made the correct choice, though, and 100 % had voted for Lost Precipice! Go them! :p

On the other hand, this means that once Dragon Season claimed their guild hall, I will get to see and visit both guild halls. That’s a little comfort, at least.

Anyway, the plan was to dip our toes into the event, see how it works, figure out what to do etc. The only information and “instruction” we had gotten was to get some buff food and focus on damage. I also used a Celebration booster and some other buff I don’t even remember. Yes, I admit that I usually ignore buffs, because I don’t need them for what I’m doing in the game (following my asura’s nose when wandering off into the wilds…).

I was there with my mesmer, Flummi (who just happens to be my main character again after three years). Together, we were 7 players: One norn, one sylvari and five asura. But with five asura around, this must be a success story, right? Yes! Right! – But when we first went in there and started, we were so lost and failed the first three events as we could not get the maws down in time. Our guild leader was probably already trying to schedule the next tries in the background at that point… ;) A few of us were not able to use the updrafts for moving around the maps, so they had to walk. Bookahnerk was one of them. Amazingly, he also happened to be among the first to reach the events on the map. Sneaky cheating thief!

As I said, we started with failing the first few events, but we still continued. From there on, it went really smooth, actually. Except for one event where we finished two seconds before the time ran out. :p I was really surprised once the final event had been done that this was it! I had expected it to be much more difficult even with more events to do. Don’t get me wrong! I was really happy and excited and it wasn’t easy either way! I just did not expect our small group of players to succeed on their first try, especially since we haven’t played together in ages. However, we were in voice chat the whole time to coordinate better.

Altogether, we had a really good time and enjoyed the process of claiming that guild hall. The first thing our guild leader did was unlock the tavern which surprised nobody. The only surprise we had was when we saw the prices – or rather, the items needed – to unlock and upgrade the guild hall. Dragon Season is quite a big guild, but our German one isn’t. So we’ll see how much we can get unlocked and built in there in the near future. But hey, we’ve got a tavern. I won’t complain.

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