Halloween in Wildstar

Wildstar Quiet Downs

Shade’s Eve, Wildstar’s version of Halloween, started earlier this week. It features a new little instance and some quests in the two factions’ main cities. I did try the instance, but eventually gave up. I assume it’s a mix of different things: It seems to be more difficult for characters who are not at maximum level yet (you get scaled to maximum level, apparently), who do not have the best equipment (although this may be a scaling issue, too), who do not have the best build and who do not play their character too well. Three out of those are the issue of not being at maximum level. The latter is – well, me. :p The instance scales for 1 to 5 players, so maybe I can try again with some fellow players.

Either way, the atmosphere in that instance is amazing! And the music is just as great. I guess this is why it is so amazing. Unfortunately, I can only show you pictures but can’t let you listen to the music.

But thankfully, that’s why we have YouTube! Somebody did make a video of the dungeon, so if you like, you can watch it here:

I am going to show you screenshots from Thayd (I don’t have a character with access to the Dominion’s city yet) and from the aforementioned instance “Quiet Downs”. First things first: Thayd.

And this is from Quiets Down, the instance. As I said, I gave up and left at some point, so it is basically the beginning and stops after I had to start killing NPCs. :p Although I would say that the atmosphere is best in the beginning anyway where you are walking in the dark trying to avoid the Shadelings (those lovely white creatures).