First steps in Wildstar Reloaded

As you may have heard, Wildstar had a “relaunch” with its new “free to play” business model last Tuesday. I actually had to wait for a few days before I could properly play on the server. As you can probably imagine, or maybe you have even seen it yourself, the launch was met with issues due to the amount of people wanting to play. It did remind me quite a bit of the Trove launch: Trove also has one server for everybody and they, too, had issues with lots of players trying to connect at the same time. And once you actually managed to get into the game, there was lots of lag, rubberbanding and so on. Wildstar’s f2p launch was no different, actually. I usually stay calm and patient for a few days before I wonder if the company really knows what they are doing… :p

Right now, I opted to write about Wildstar instead of trying to play as there is a queue to get into the server. The server itself has gotten more stable, I think. I played during off hours yesterday and today (starting at 8.30 am on a weekend means lots of free space on the server… ^^), so the server was behaving quite nicely then. During the week, I do not have that luxury, as I need to work like so many others. So I was happy to get some gaming time in Wildstar this weekend.

What Carbine did to help ease the load on the servers was to add additional servers. For the EU PvE server Jabbit, there is now also Jabbit-2. As soon as the main server is stable again and the login issues are solved, they will merge Jabbit-2 into Jabbit. Fortunately, Wildstar has a system where you have to give your character a first and last name. So naming issues should not be a problem as long as you’re at least semi-creative… and no, “Shadow Hunter” and the like do not belong into that category.

Wildstar taxi ride

To be honest, the one change that I had really been looking forward to was the increased movement speed of our characters as long as they are out of combat! One of my main issues with the larger races in MMOs is that they always walk so slowly. Of course, movement speed has to be normalized between all races or else there would be an unfair advantage for the taller ones. But it does lead to awkward animations sometimes. The speed may be the same, but it just looks and feels so very different with an Aurin or the Chua compared to the big Granok. But my main character, Gechi Rosix, belongs to that race. I just love their overall look! Other than that, I could not resist and bought some NCoins to get my last two character slots. Carbine allows you to have 14 characters per server (there is one PvE and one PvP server per region, but this doesn’t really count for me, as I don’t like PvP servers). I already had 12 because I had bought the game before it went free to play. So I simply had to get those other two as well.

I still really like the world that Carbine created with Wildstar, so I really do hope the queues and lags and all that will be gone fast! But yeah, I think the server issues have decreased over the last few days. Either way, in case you were wondering whether you should have a look at Wildstar or not, my advice is to wait a few more days until things have settled down a bit or create a character on Jabbit-2 (and the appropriate equivalents for the PvP server and the US PvE/PvP servers) as they will get merged into the main servers later on, but they generally do not have any long queues and considerably less lag.

What do you think?

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