GOG Piñata – Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure

GOG is currently having its “piñata sale” where you pay $3 (2,74 €) where you have no idea what kind of game you’re getting. They promise it will be anything worth between $9.99 – $44.99. You know how I am not much of a risk-taker, right? But somehow, curiosity got the better of me and I bought one. Of course, not without adding, removing, adding, removing the piñata several times before I chose to buy it. :p Bookahnerk did the same, by the way, without buying a game (yet?).

Anyway, what I got is “Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure“. I never heard that name before, even though Tex Murphy has been around since 1989. Point & click kind of games are not my favourite genre, but I do appreciate them once in a while! And when I saw a game description with the word “noir” in it, I was sold. Or rather, just incredibly glad that I probably did not just waste those 2,74 €. I really loved playing “LA Noire” especially because of the atmosphere in the game and the whole “go investigate something” plots.

Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure

Since I’ve only bought the game a couple of hours ago, I have not had the time to dig into it much yet. But what I’ve heard about the game and what I’ve seen in the game so far looks really good! The only downside is that it’s 1st person view. Not a fast variant, so I can play it for a bit, but I will have to be careful and not play too much in one single gaming session. Other than that, I should be fine. And gaming sessions should never be too long without a break anyway, right?

There is also a Reddit thread with people listing what games they got in their piñatas. From those I have seen, I think I got the one that interested me the most and this is what I like about promotions like these. It’s not too expensive, so I can do it once with no issues, and I may end up finding a game I wouldn’t have ever considered getting otherwise!