So this was Blaugust 2015 – Blaugust Day 31

I did this kind of challenge the first time back in November 2013. I tried it again in November 2014, but did not reach my goal and in fact, gave up on November 13 already. :p The latter is also why I decided relatively late to join Blaugust. My first thought was: Yeah, no way will I have the time or the energy to do it! But I like challenges like this one and when I was told that getting to 15 will already be a milestone (the title “survivor”), I thought to myself: Yes, this is something I can realistically do!

Never did I think that I would be able to write this many blog posts in a record time (for my own standards). And on top of that, Blaugust couldn’t have had a better timing. My job situation changed in the middle of August giving me more hours of work per week (hurrah!), so that I have your standard usual full-time job now. Getting Blaugust done together with my job without neglecting anything was exactly the kind of motivation boost to show myself that when I want to achieve something, I can do so!

I have finally started writing my dissertation and yes, I know that blog posts about PC games and a scientific dissertation cannot be really compared. But both are about writing and both are about something I feel passionate about! Also both require sitting down, focusing, and motivating yourself. Blaugust also means that I have to let my inner censor go. No more “Is this post really worth to be written?” and no “This post sounds like rubbish, better delete it again”. The same goes for writing in other settings. You always have your inner censor and depending on what you are writing, there is also some kind of deadline sitting in your neck.

So, what I take out of Blaugust for me personally is that I do have the determination, that I can motivate myself, focus and that I have the will to go forward and reach my goal. Yes, compared to that other big project, this seems tiny and irrelevant. But for my mind, this was a very important goal to reach!

I also want to say Thank You to everybody who read my posts, liked them and/or commented on them! Getting feedback is a nice thing and reminds me that while I like rambling in here, there are also actually people out there who “listen”. Weird concept, isn’t it? :p

On top of that, I found a whole lot of blogs that I either paid not enough attention to before or that I simply didn’t know existed. I will have to go through the list of all participants and see that I can get them added to our blogroll here. This may take a while, though, because now, I’ll go on a mini vacation. In other words: You will be spared from reading my blog posts for a few days until I return. :p


  1. I know first-hand how hard it’s to make 2-3 blog posts a week regularly, to make a post every day must be a lot of work. Well done! I’m hoping full time job means better pay and perks too, so congrats. :-)


  2. I know what you mean about throwing out the censor. I posted on a conspiracy theory I made about Qui-Gon Jinn and had to pad out another by throwing pogs in the mix. Congrats on making it to the end.
    Enjoy your rest.


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