Excited for “Fall 2015” – Blaugust Day 28

I was just listening to the latest Rift livestream on Twitch and it seems that “Fall 2015” will be a very busy season for me this year. Rift, Wildstar, Cities: Skylines, Van Helsing: Final Cut and maybe/probably Guild Wars 2 will come with new content.

Trion will release another content update for Rift introducing the new calling (= class), the Primalist. This calling has to be bought. There is a rather expensive pack that includes the class for 99 €, but I’m not that rich, unfortunately. Ocho revealed the separate credits price now, which is 5250. If you buy the 50 € credits pack (giving you 11050 credits), this equals about 24 €. Almost the price of a full expansion. So, I don’t think I will get that calling, because I’m not sure I would have the time to even play it. On top of that, those 24 € are only for 6 skill trees. The remaining 4 (all callings have 10 skill trees by now) will have to be bought separately. Still, the patch will come with new content and that part is free as always. So even if I may not even want to get the Primalist, I will at least be able to poke around in the Planetouched Wilds.

Wildstar is changing its business model to “free to play”. This one is what excites me the most currently, as it means I will be able to stop paying a monthly fee without having to say goodbye to my dear Medic (yes, Medic. Who said I would be playing a Spellslinger? Certainly not me. Oh no). Free to play is not the only thing coming. There will be an apparently rather big patch accompanying it. New housing items, bigger housing plots – that’s all I needed to see to get excited. I haven’t gotten far enough into the game yet anyway, so understand exactly what all the upcoming changes mean or how certain things work at the moment (except for the AMP unlocks… I finally understood those, mostly, and I think it’s a good idea to have them all unlocked automatically).

Wildstar Gechi Medic

Cities: Skylines will receive its first expansion “After Dark” at the end of September. The developers announced the release date (September 24) and the price (14.99 €) a few days ago. For such a low price, I don’t think I’ll be able to resist. ;)

Van Helsing: Final Cut is being a bit vague. I couldn’t find anything more specific than “September 2015”. This could be as early as next week (on another note: *squeals like a little girl* – My birthday is coming closer which means our short vacation is coming closer!), but this post from August 24 saying “one month left” suggests that it’ll be later in September. And late September means: “fall”.

GW2 HoT Chronomancer

And then there is XCOM 2 which will release in “November 2015”. Unfortunately, we also do not have a more concrete release date than this. We saw a short video presentation about the game at gamescom and since then, bookahnerk has been quite excited about it. Hopefully, the game will be as great as it seemed and he’ll enjoy playing it. :) I am not sure yet whether I want this game or not, so I’ll wait for his “review”.

Last but not least, there is Guild Wars 2. The game that has gotten its expansion announced in January 2015. We still don’t know a release date other than “this year”. So I hope it’ll be this fall, but there’s no guarantee… although, considering how autumn ends shortly before Christmas and I doubt they’re going to release the expansion on Christmas, it’s quite safe to say it will launch this fall. Either way, when I look at the list here, I don’t think I would mind waiting for “Heart of Thorns” until late this year. There is plenty of stuff coming this fall either way and I’m very excited about it.

 This post is part of Blaugust 2015.


  1. The games I am anxiously waiting for are a bit different than yours but I get the same feeling. It is like is the end of time to breath and dig a bit in the games we already have because soon there will be an explosion of “must have right now!” games. Busy months ahead!


  2. Can’t wait for Primalist – I maintain Patron subscription through Credits gained from REX, so I’ll still have the 10% discount when the Primalist Pack comes out. I’ve got a ton of Credits from farming plat, so I’ll probably get the Calling day 1.

    WildStar going F2P is great news for me. I tried it the first month or so before I quit. The normal sub model just doesn’t work for my play schedule. With F2P I’ll be able to get back into it and level up at my own pace without feeling like I need to rush to get ‘all my money’s worth’.

    GW2 is fantastic as always for some casual play. B2P model is pretty good too. I’ll probably hold back on the expansion though since I’ve still got a lot to do in the base game.


    1. For me it’s the other way around in Rift: There is so much I could still do, the least of it is start yet another new character. :p

      I also agree with Wildstar! I had played it during the beta and then with a trial key from gamescom 2014. But both times I knew that while I really liked the game, paying a monthly fee doesn’t work. I tend to focus on other games too often and I like that the f2p/b2p models give me that freedom. :)


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