Mastery Rank 100!

I’ve been working towards this goal ever since Trion introduced chaos coins! A chaos coin can be used to increase your account’s “chaos factor” by 1. For every chaos factor, you get one chaos chest a day if you log in to the game. You can get chaos factor in different ways:

  1. You pay a monthly fee and as long as you are subscribed, your chaos factor is increased by 2 and you get 2 chaos chests per day.
  2. For every $1000 spent, you get one chaos factor (and thus, one chaos chest per day). Yes, 1000.
  3. You are lucky and win a chaos coin in Trion’s Trove livestreams on Twitch – guess who got lucky there? Yes, bookahnerk!
  4. Chaos coins can also rarely drop out of a chaos chest. These chaos coins are tradeable – guess who got lucky there? Yes, bookahnerk and consequently me, as he gave that chaos coin to me.
  5. Reach Mastery Rank 100 and get your chaos factor raised by 1.

Once I had gotten the chaos coin from bookahnerk, I had stopped “hurrying” with the Mastery. It was no longer that important for me, because I already had one chaos chest a day anyway. But then when I got closer and closer to 100, I noticed I started hurrying again, focusing on doing those things that gives me mastery points. And today, finally, I was *this* close to 100 when… the server crashed and stayed offline for about an hour or so. So yes, I think that was my karma. Sorry everybody who couldn’t play either because of that. :p

The server finally came back online and a mere 15 minutes later, here I am, proud owner of “chaos factor 2”.

Trove Mastery Rank 100

This post is not part of Blaugust 2015. ;)

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