Best “Main Theme” from a PC game – Blaugust Day 25

Bookahnerk was preparing our “pen and paper” roleplaying session and played around with the music. He’s going to add background music and mostly uses songs from the various game soundtracks that we have acquired over time. He also uses several programmes together to add e.g. thunderstorm and various other ambient noises where it fits.

So, he was playing the different songs when this one song started and I said to him: I’ve got a new topic for Blaugust: “Best…” – I didn’t get further than that as he finished my sentence. “Best main theme ever” for both of us, without a doubt, goes to Baba Yetu from Civilization IV. Raise your hand if you left the game open at the “launch screen” just to listen to the song. :p

There are a lot of awesome songs out there, a lot of catchy ones, even a lot of songs where you can probably easily sing along… like this one:

But for me at least, nothing comes close to “Baba Yetu”. It just feels so strong and powerful.

Number three on my list (yes, I would put the Skyrim one on no. 2, but mainly because it stays in your memory so easily) is “the theme song that is no theme song”.

I think before launch, ArenaNet had added that theme to play during a trailer or teaser video and I, among others, thought that this was the main theme. I’ve got to say I was disappointed to hear the real main theme then as it doesn’t come close in comparison. It has grown on me by now, but I still very much prefer the Norn Theme – even though in general, I am not a fan of the Norn at all. Sorry!

I could go on and on and list so many other great soundtracks. It’s actually a shame I usually play with the music turned off nowadays. But we’re usually watching streams or Netflix or just talk, and the music gets distracting quite fast that way.


  1. I think your #1 and #2 are spot on.

    I actually prefer Peter Hollens’ a capella arrangements of the 2 songs (well.. there’s some percussion in Baba Yetu, and he’s got Lindsey Stirling playing along for Skyrim in the better of the 2 versions) to the originals, though.

    Baba Yetu
    Skyrim Theme

    Something sorta ironic is that his co-singer in Baba Yetu is the voice of all the female bards from Elder Scrolls Online, and Zenimax hired her due to her video of singing Skyrim’s “The Dragonborn Comes” going viral.

    I’m rather fond of the song called “Ninety Niners” from the Defiance soundtrack, even though I’ve never played Defiance (well… couple hours in open beta, but I don’t count that). I give that my #3 spot.

    I listened to the Norn theme you posted there and it’s really nice too — nice enough to give me goosebumps toward the end, even. But it still doesn’t displace Ninety Niners for me ;-)


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