Wildstar: loyalty and cosmic points – Blaugust Day 22

Wildstar ThaydI saw Missy’s post about Wildstar yesterday and was a bit surprised when I saw the table she had added about loyalty rewards. One of my concerns about Wildstar’s switch to free to play was the part where they had stated in their FAQ that unless you paid a sub, you could not create a guild or invite players to a guild. This seemed a bit too dramatic. Sure, it may be a good thing to avoid having bots spam-invite people to guilds. But guilds are such an essential part of any online game and their communities, that I found hiding guild invitations behind a pay wall was surely a very bad idea. It’s not only the guilds, by the way. The circles and warparties are also initially restricted and get unlocked.

But right there in the table, it said:

Guilds Can invite into and create a Guild

The linked FAQ has a table below the original FAQ that I had not seen before and that one confirmed it (it’s the same table she has in her post). The only question left was: How much loyalty is needed? And does it work like the loyalty system in Rift where you earn loyalty by buying the virtual currency and spending the virtual currency in their in-game store?

And today, Syp helped me out by writing about Wildstar’s news post, because I probably would have missed this one otherwise. With 2000 Cosmic Points, you already unlock the “full access” to guilds, warparties and circles. I assume that “full access” includes being able to invite others. The next question is: How much equals that in “real money”? Not much, I would say. A 15 Day Time Card gives you 1800 Cosmic Points already, but then you’re still 200 short. :p If you buy 800 NCoins (costs 10 €), you will receive 420 Cosmic Points just for buying those. If you then spend those 800 NCoins in the in-game store, you get twice that amount in Cosmic Points (= 1600). So, for this 800 NCoins bundle, you can eventually unlock the social features.

For me this is a great relief to see. I may not always want to play with others and quite enjoy roaming through the world without a set group of players with me. But I certainly do need the social features and a guild chat belongs to that. But having to have at least one trusted person who pays a monthly fee, only to make sure the guild is active and can invite new players whenever necessary would not be good for the game if you ask me. So this sounds like a great solution.

That, plus I already love the loyalty system of Rift (which hides access to the auction house and mailing system behind a low amount of loyalty, by the way) and hope that it will be as nice in Wildstar, too.

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