Only 29 more dyes… (Blaugust Day 19)

…unless ArenaNet decides to add more dyes again. -.-

Of course, I am SO far away from ever unlocking all dyes, but this is why I’m constantly broke. The little gold I make in the game is invested in ordering dyes. Fortunately for me, before they had made the change to have all dyes unlock account-wide, I had bought all the cheap (common and uncommon) dyes for most of my characters, so when the change came and we were handed unidentified dyes for our “doubles”, I got a nice bolster in gold since unidentified dyes are a lot more expensive than the common and uncommon dyes ever were.

Just for fun, I went through all the Trading Post buy orders now and calculated the amount of gold necessary: If I wanted to get all dyes and if I was lucky to get all of them for the current maximum buy order price, it would cost me a mere 4418 gold. There is only one problem: I currently have 142. -.- The most expensive dyes are the “Electro” ones. I guess unless they are put back into the gem store, there is no way regular players can ever really get them. I actually have Electro Lemon Dye and Electro Peach dye unlocked and I’m pretty sure I did not spend 211 and  194 gold respectively. My strategy is to generally wait until a dye pack is back in the gem store and watch if the prices drop then.

However, this post was not intended to be a complaint about the system and how so many of the things players want originally come from the gem store. This post was actually meant as a follow-up to Ten Ton Hammer’s “What’s Your Favorite Location?” contest. I had different screenshots on my short-list and chose the one from the Labyrinthine Cliffs.

GW2_Labyrinthine Cliffs_059

No, I did not win the contest, but I was a runner-up and received some gold which I quickly invested in another dye: Imperial Gold! The lighter red is “Crimson Lion” dye and the darker one is “Shadow Red” dye. Although I have to admit it looks a little to “black, red and gold” for my taste… :p I may have to change the dark red to something lighter and more fiery, because the only time I ran around with my nation’s colours were during the football world cup. ;)

GW2 Imperial Gold Electro Blue

The winner of the contest was another screenshot of Labyrinthine Cliffs, by the way. I definitely can’t argue with that decision. :p So, thank you, Lewis, for the surprise (it had not said anywhere that there were runner-up prizes!). It definitely made this asura very happy. :)

This post is part of Blaugust 2015.


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