Blaugust AMA: What would I change in my MMO career? (Blaugust Day 17)

I posted in the Blaugust AMA thread on Anook and received the following question from CommanderFlynn from The Tankquisition

What’s the one thing you could change in your MMO Career if you could go back? Why?

I’ve thought about this for some time and there is no one big thing I would change. But there are several smaller ones. For example, back in World of Warcraft, bookahnerk and I had been part of a weekly raid group. This raid was basically an “alt raid” with lots of people playing with their alts and their main characters being in the “higher” raids already. Oddly enough, lots of them still did not know how to play the encounters directly why newbish little me had no problem… tsktsktsk… ;) But yeah, in general, this raid was lots of fun! It was once a week and either for two or four hours, depending on how many had signed up and if we had to switch the roster after two hours to give everybody a chance to participate.

WoW_Druid treeAnd then I made the mistake. I had wanted to be able to bring in a healer if necessary, but my druid still needed equipment. So I joined the group of one of the guys who were in this alt raid as well to raid Karazhan. This guy was basically horrible. The way the druid (as a class and its mechanics) healed at that time and the way a druid tank had to be played meant that he, as the mage, could not wait for less than 2 seconds, jump into the NPC group and AoE everything because all the mobs turned around towards him and killed him. There was nothing the druid tank could do to get the mobs back and there was nothing I could do with my druid healer to save the mage. Then he got angry at us for not knowing how to play. He also got angry quite often because it took us so long to clear Karazhan – after he had taken several of us into his little raid group who had just enough equipment to go raid Karazhan. In a game that is as heavily dependent on gear as World of Warcraft is, it makes a huge difference what kind of gear you are wearing. He knew very well that we were a group of “beginners” and for the gear we had on (and the class composition with druids as healer and as tank), we did a great job.

It only took a few weeks, after which I finally had enough and left that raid group, to get “burned out” as you generally say and I consequently left World of Warcraft not long after that.

So, I would say that in general – this above is just one example – if I could go back and do things differently, I would have less patience with people yelling at other players, calling them names and making them feel horrible, because at the end of the day, this is just a game and it should be fun and you should only surround yourself with players who treat each other with respect.

This post is part of Blaugust 2015.