The quest for my main character – Blaugust Day 14

Whether I’m determined or not, it seems that my first main character hardly ever sticks. From my warlock in WoW (changed to mage) to my black orc and my shaman and then my engineer in Warhammer Online and in Lord of the Rings Online my rune-keeper who had to step aside for my warden – they all shared the same fate. Only my mesmer and my warrior in Guild Wars 2 have had the luck of being able to share the position of “main character”. The problem for me with switching mains is that, especially now that I’m playing several games, I do not have the time to change my mind and switch from one main character to another if I actually want to see something of the world, get crafting to max. level, collect some mounts and so on. This is especially bad for games that do not have account-wide unlocks where you basically start from scratch with another character.

In Wildstar, I am still not sure which class I want to have as my main character. I don’t want to devote much time, gold etc. in a character that I may not even want to play much later. It doesn’t help that this is a game where certain races can’t play certain classes (like the Granok and the Esper class, for example).

Granok EngineerBack in beta, I started with a stalker and while I loved it, I died too often. So I had switched to an engineer. My new stalker now is part of the duo I want to play with bookahnerk. That leaves the engineer, right? Everything could be perfect… except that in this game combat is so agile and you’ve got to move around quickly, but the engineer seems to stand on the ground firmly like a statue. In other words, it seems much less agile to play than the other classes and I find that rather boring. Additionally, I think I would feel more comfortable having a class that can either DPS or heal and not a class that can DPS and tank. While I really like tanking, I prefer doing that only in groups with people I know. So, one of the classes capable of healing then.

The classes that can heal are the Esper, the Medic and the Spellslinger. So here we are in a game with guns and pistols and huge guns and huge pistols and my esper is swinging his hands in the air… et voilà… damage. I want something with more… boom! Yes, call me shallow, but my character’s combat style has to feel right for me. Unfortunately, in Wildstar each class can only use one kind of weapon which means that while I like esper in general this makes me not want to play it as my main.

Now we are down to two: The Medic and the Spellslinger. I actually liked the Medic when I tried that class for a bit back in beta. But for some reason, when I bought Wildstar a couple of weeks ago, I made a Spellslinger and went with it for a while. So, the Aurin Spellslinger is level 17 already, my Granok Medic is level 7 (the latter can be reached quite fast). Where the engineer is too stationary, this one is a bit too agile sometimes… The thing is that I love playing the Spellslinger and I love her “tricks” with stunning, rooting and so on. It reminds me of my frost mage from World of Warcraft (during Burning Crusade). But sometimes, especially after work when I’m rather tired, I wish she could take a few more hits. Maybe there is a hybrid build that utilizes damage and healing more? I do have two different heals in my ability bar at the moment, but I sometimes can’t get them off without standing in the enemy’s telegraph (the red markings on the floor that indicate “this is where the damage will hit in the next moment”). I am quite glad, however, that one of the first things bookahnerk showed me in World of Warcraft, my first MMO, was to keybind strafing to A and D, because this is absolutely necessary here!

I’ve been relying on my stuns and roots in order to stay alive with my Spellslinger. On the other hand, maybe I shouldn’t always attack the bigger and harder mobs and stick to the regular ones instead. :p I guess this is also a clear sign I have found a class that I like: When I don’t avoid combat, but instead, head right in and try to tackle every challenge thrown at me. So I welcome my Aurin Spellslinger to my pool of MMO characters. Even though I remember originally saying I wouldn’t play an Aurin (and we all know she will be replaced with the Medic or any other class as soon as I hit max. level, because no matter how much I think, rant, try in the beginning, this is what always happens with my “first character”…).

This post is part of Blaugust 2015.

4 thoughts on “The quest for my main character – Blaugust Day 14

  1. Missy says:

    Spellslinger was the first thing I made in Wildstar, cause I wanted to be an Aurin. But in the end I switched to medic because it was a lot more fun to heal with.
    I have given up on finding a proper main in any game now, I try but yeah… Only thing that is certain, is that I will always have a character that can heal on the list.


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