GW2: Experiences with my Reaper – Blaugust Day 13

GW2 HoT ReaperWith going to the Guild Wars 2 community event at gamescom, then Blaugust in general and writing about gamescom, not much time was left to actually play in the Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend. I really wish they would put up betas for a week and not just three days. Last week, I was wondering which specialization I would want to try and I decided that it will be the Reaper. I did not change anything about the general setup of the Reaper, I think. Maybe I exchanged one or two skills… I can’t even remember anymore.

So here is my opinion in a nutshell: The Reaper was fun! It looked awesome! I am pretty certain this wasn’t the last time I played Reaper and I finally felt that profession “click” with me! And this coming from a person who doesn’t like greatswords and who doesn’t like slow hitting two-handed weapons (with a few exceptions like the dervish in GW). But this just felt right! I don’t even know what it is or why it is that this was such an exception. Okay, maybe the gigantic scythe was a factor in it. Not the only factor, but certainly not an unimportant one either. ;) The slow-hitting weapon still felt really good in combat and for some reason, I did not have the feeling it was that slow.

But – I need a long time to memorize what the skills in GW2 do. It feels like every single skill has at least three or four different purposes with buffs, debuffs, damage, control and so on all thrown into one tiiiny tooltip. Oh, and traits add some special things to certain skills. Here, have fun! – I just need a rather long time to get all of that into my brain. So, while it felt great and looked great and while I know I want to play it, the combat itself was not fun for long when I was playing in Verdant Brink and ate mud and dust more often than I could swing my sword.

So I did what I had not wanted to do: I created a mesmer, jumped into the game, switched to scepter/pistol and scepter/shield, tossed out Domination, kept Dueling and Illusions and added Chronomancer. I also took Gravity Well and Well of Calamity and off my little asura hopped… right into the enemy lines. The moments where my charr necromancer was trying to dedust her lungs after returning from the dead, was when my asura stood there boasting about her superiority. Ok ok, I may have died and been downed a couple of times. Maybe… There are no witnesses left to tell the story. But in general, I felt like I was in control. I guess it helps that I’ve been playing my mesmer for almost three years by now. But again, I did not have that much time to play, so I cannot even tell you anything about the Chronomancer like how good or well-balanced this specialization was. What I can tell you is that while I had thought the skills sounded very complicated in the official blog post, this was certainly not the case when I played her this weekend. At first, the Continuum Shift part of the F5 shatter skill Continuum Split confused me, but I got into it quickly and learned to use my long-cooldown skills (mostly the elite one) before the time reversion happened.

Altogether, with the short amount of time I could play, I don’t think my feedback would be worth anything for ArenaNet. But what I can say about it for myself and for how I’m going to play once the expansion launches is that my mesmer will certainly return to her previous spot of “main character”, because especially with the shield in the off-hand, she is exactly the kind of profession I want to be playing in Guild Wars 2. I very much doubt that the warrior can top that, no matter what kind of elite specialization she will get.

This post is part of Blaugust 2015.


  1. As a very casual GW2 player, please excuse me for asking but, the Reaper, is that the necromancer specialization? (Cause it looks like it should be.) I’m love my necromancer, but I never really got the hang of it. Somehow the spectral form doesn’t feel all that powerful. If there’s a cool specialization coming, that’d be something for me to look forward to!


    1. Yes, that’s the necromancer’s specialization. :)

      You will get to use a Greatsword when you choose this specialization and your Death Shroud will be changed to the Reaper’s Shroud giving you that cool scythe you can see above. The pure looks of the elite specialization are awesome. No idea if it’s really any good, though, as I don’t have enough experience and switched to the mesmer quickly. :p


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