The downside of scheduling posts – Blaugust Day 7

Blaugust 2015

As you may have noticed, I am participating in Blaugust which means that I’m publishing 31 posts over the course of August – or trying to, at least. The rules state that I could theoretically publish all 31 posts in just one day. In other words, I do not have to publish exactly one post a day, as long as at the end of the month, I have 31 in total.

Still, imagine me spamming my readers with various posts a day about various different topics. I know that I would probably not read them, because I’d feel overwhelmed – or because I’d simply miss a post when scrolling by. So I decided to try to schedule those posts that are done already, so that you’ll have a new post to read every day. With my job, I cannot also write one post a day, so I went ahead and spent the last weekend writing several posts and making a list of which topics I still want to write about. I have thrown away the first list, started a second one and will likely have to throw that one away, too, unless I find some “Tip-Ex” or remember to use a pencil, so I can erase my plans and switch the topics around. Oh, in case you’re suggesting maintaining a list on my PC: Shush! That would be way too logical… and my old-school brain doesn’t like lists on a PC. It wants physical lists hand-written by me. I don’t know why, but that’s how my brain works. Believe me, I have tried to change to digital lists in the past, especially for all the tasks I need to do at work. I am glad I can maintain my electrical calendar – but probably only because I can enter appointments on my mobile phone, too, and that’s just too convenient to not do (and carrying a physical calendar notebook thingy means an even larger handbag than I already have).

But back to Blaugust. The post about “Project Gorgon” was supposed to go live on August 8. Then I rescheduled it to go live a day earlier, and another day earlier until it was placed on August 4. At the same time, I have blog posts where I’m referencing other posts I wrote during Blaugust… or will have written by the time the referencing one is published. Unless I throw the dates around again in which case, you may read me referencing a blog post I have not yet published. Confused already? So am I.

Still, there does not seem to be a clean solution – except for maybe sticking to my first plan and not changing the dates around. Then again, my post about Project Gorgon did not even make much sense anymore on August 3, let alone August 4. I had to rewrite the last paragraph, because it originally said that I would not back the project as I wanted to know more about the game first. A couple of hours later, I had backed the project. I wrote that I had not left the tutorial cave yet. But by the end of August 3, I had already explored quite a lot of the first zone that you get into when you leave the cave. As of this writing, the Project Gorgon blog post still says that I have not left the tutorial cave. Once this blog post here is written and scheduled (for Day 6), I will go and change my Project Gorgon post… ;)

In case you see something not making much sense in August, you now know why. It is also interesting to see that planning ahead this much is a) very practical for my work schedule and b) very bad because of the way I tend to write most blog posts… especially then the blog posts are about my current experiences in a game or about my opinions. Those tend to change quite quickly sometimes. Once Blaugust is over, I will return to a more laid back way of posting and will just post everything as soon as it’s ready instead of waiting for a certain date.

 This post is part of Blaugust 2015.


  1. *high fives* for writing on actual paper. I do the same! Somehow, it just doesn’t work so well for me planning on a computer. I don’t get the overview that way.

    I read about some research on students learning a while ago. Turns out that the students who made notes on actual paper, as opposed to typing notes on a laptop, remembered the content of lectures much, much better. So I use that as an excuse if someone looks at me as if I’m a dinosaur. ;)


    1. I may even know which study you’re talking about. :)

      I would assume it’s connected to the process of handwriting. Your hand moves in certain directions when writing words and that doesn’t happen when you’re just hitting buttons.

      Either way, the overview is very important for me, too! :)

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  2. I don’t really schedule posts anymore, beyond having them post in the mornings the next day. Some weeks there is a dearth of topics to talk about, and other weeks there is non-stop breaking MMO news and such. I’ve been burned too often with having written an entire coherent post only to find that the “moment” has moved on. Or, as you said, writing down impressions of a game, only to have had a completely different experience hours before the post is scheduled.

    I haven’t really found a good solution other than just plowing through it sometimes.

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    1. In general, I agree and that’s exactly how I do it as well. But in Blaugust, this wouldn’t be possible for me. I simply don’t have the time to a) write 7 complete posts on just one or two days or b) write blog posts during the week, because of my job. So, Blaugust has to be an exception now, but I know very well that scheduling posts is not for me. :p Just as you said “the moment has moved on”.


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