GW2: Which specialization to play? – Blaugust Day 6

GW2 Heart of ThornsThe first beta weekend event is fast approaching and I can’t seem to make up my mind. I know I want to try the new specializations, but I don’t know which one. On my live account, I mainly played my warrior and my thief in PvE and my Mesmer in PvP. However, I am not sure I really want to get into learning the Chronomancer on a weekend. Mesmers are tricky to play and the Chronomancer specialization doesn’t sound any easier. I get quite uncomfortable not knowing 100 % what I am doing, so there is that. Additionally, since I plan on changing back to my Mesmer as my main, I don’t want to “spoil” that moment of playing the specialization with my asura once the expansion has launched (same reason I do not want to play the Revenant during beta). So, I will leave the Chronomancer until HoT’s release and will then take my time learning how to play it properly. But the other revealed specializations aren’t helping much either with my decision.

I have all professions at level 80 by now and I played most of them all the way through to 80. The necromancer and the elementalist got a boost with Tomes of Knowledge, mostly because I didn’t really like playing them much. So did my guardian on my main account, but only because I already have one on my second account at level 80 and I did not enjoy playing her at all. Can you see my issue here? My three least favourite professions have their specializations revealed…

Maybe I could use this beta event to give those three professions – or one of them, at least – another try, now that they have their specialization as that could maybe result in a bit of a different play style. After all, this is what ArenaNet is aiming for, right? That the specializations make the professions feel fresh and “new” without changing everything about them. I always thought that in theory, I should love the guardian. The problem here was that I found the guardian very boring to play. The virtues were mostly left untouched or all activated at once right before activating the elite skill that reset the virtues again. Quite boring. Okay, maybe also not an efficient way to play Guardian, I admit that. ;) Still, I never felt the urge to really get into Guardian builds in the first place. Dragonhunter (let’s ignore the name, shall we?) sounds interesting as they get access to longbows and can finally be played as a ranged profession. And traps sound fun. I loved playing with traps on my hunter in World of Warcraft – but that was in PvP situations and not so much in PvE. Altogether, it still does not sound like changes that will make me fall in love with the Guardian.

The elementalist was actually fun to play, but I never liked the spirit weapons and I only played with the earth and air attunements. This always made me feel as if I was wasting that profession’s potential by limiting myself to only two attunements. As I said above, I don’t like playing when I don’t really know what I’m doing. The Tempest seems to play with the attunements with the “Overload” function. Other than that, there is still attunement-swapping, I assume. It is still more interesting than the Dragonhunter, so I will consider trying that one out… maybe.

GW2 Necromancer Staff Necrotic Grasp

And then there is the Necromancer… my main class in WoW was warlock for quite some time. I like that style… you know, demons and all that – or minions, same thing, right? There certainly was something about the Necromancer when I did play her that I liked. It just never really clicked and I can’t even really put my finger on what it is that I don’t enjoy about playing her for a bit longer. Another problem is that the specialization, the Reaper, gets access to the Greatsword and this is the one weapon that I hardly ever use with any of my characters. But even so, out of all the revealed specializations, this one certainly had the most style! And then there is the “changed Death Shroud”, the “Reaper’s Shroud“, which changes the look of your weapon to a scythe! My inner dervish is very pleased to see that.

So, looking at all of this, it would still be so much better if only we had the thief’s specialization or the engineer’s or the ranger’s. I would love to try those, whatever they will be! But alas, Necromancer it will be this time then and maybe it will finally hit me and I will end up loving that profession! :)

So, am I the only one who has trouble deciding for a specialization to try out?

This post is part of Blaugust 2015.


  1. Good choice on trying out the Reaper specialisation for the necro! That’s definitely what I’ll be doing. I love my necro, and I’m intrigued as to how the slow but huge hitting reaper will change it up.

    Like you, I find guardian super boring, so won’t try the (ugh) Dragonhunter at all. I rarely play mesmer, so will leave the Chronomancer for now as well. The Tempest for the elementalist sounds cool, so will probs try that at some point. I want to give the revenant another shot, especially the Shiro stance, but won’t spend too much time, as I want to explore him fully at launch.

    My main issue is finding the time, as I don’t think I’ll be here much this weekend >< Whatever you decide to test, have fun!

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    1. I’ll get some play time on Saturday and Sunday. But other than playing, I also need to pre-write more blogs and do some “real life” stuff, too. On the other hand, I think dipping my toes into the content without spending countless hours with it is a good thing, because it’ll still feel new when the expansion launches. So I definitely won’t complain.


  2. I’m definitely going to give the Reaper a spin. My favorite classes/playstyles are melee+tanky with support/control variations and I have loved guardian, warrior, necro for a long time now. Now my necro can join the ridiculously huge sword swinging family! Also, finally Trahearne is not special any more.

    I will probably dabble a little with dragonhunter (ugh, that name.) I watched a Gamescom stream last night that showed someone trying it out in PvP, having paired it with a hammer and playing seemingly horribly (His team got owned with zero points on courtyard.) That was very much a “Oh god, surely I could do better” moment. ;)

    An all range scepter/bow zerker guardian sounds like an interesting ranger-y take on things, imo, though one has yet to put it through its paces experimentally. The one thing that -looked- good on the stream was the sizeable amount of spike damage the bow seemed to be able to put out – I have to assume the guy was in zerker to get a 6k sized hit on someone.

    And definitely Revenant in Shiro mode. *snikkt snikkt* *heads roll*

    What I’m not sure about is how long I’m going to play all three. Seems like the excitement of discovery would be a little muted playing a new class with not much new content to go with it, plus not being able to save progress. So it may just turn out to be short spins.


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