Hey there, Wildstar – Blaugust Day 5

As somebody said to me a few days ago: “Oh, I didn’t know you play Wildstar”. – Yes, I do. I just have not mentioned it here often, have I? And that is a bit weird, considering I am even paying a sub for it at the moment. I didn’t plan to! I had just bought the game box (because of bonuses you get when it goes free to play like 12 instead of just 2 character slots) and had intended to let my sub lapse after 30 days. But then I had so much fun, I decided to keep the sub. If I stay subbed until it goes free to play, I will get some more bonuses, like 4 months of Signature service – their sub. If it takes them four months to make the switch (which would place it in October), this would mean we got the sub for half price. :p If you want to count it like that…

Wildstar Galeras

I was actually certain I had mentioned Wildstar in our blog, but looking back, the first impressions from the beta is the only post I could find. I did tweet about it, though. So, on top of Trove, Rift and Guild Wars 2 (sadly, in this order of relevance at the moment), I have now added Wildstar. How it fits into my gaming schedule remains to be seen. But that is the beauty of free to play games (well, once Wildstar is free to play, of course). It’s okay if you just let it sit on its virtual shelf for a week or two in between your gaming sessions. Also, my highest character is only level 17, so I haven’t played that much yet.

In March 2014, I came to this conclusion:

“The TL;DR version is as follows: I really like the game. The music is awesome. The world is full of humour that made me smile and chuckle several times. The housing looks solid and like something I could be interested in for a long time. But, it comes with a monthly sub and since my RL job just gave me a great opportunity, I won’t have the time to be playing Guild Wars 2, Rift and Wildstar and thus, the one that costs the most is the one I won’t be playing.”

Let me tell you about my current impressions – in a nutshell only. I haven’t seen that much yet to believe I could give you an indication of what has changed since beta! My biggest issue with Wildstar is the map, especially when I’m trying to do quests. I find it incredibly difficult to figure out where I need to go to do a quest or to hand it in. Sometimes, a name can be clicked and an arrow appears together with the distance between you and that destination. But this is not always there. Additionally, there are zone stories, regional stories, tasks and your path’s quests which are all divided into different categories in your quest log. I downloaded an addon just to be able to see the quest log properly with (almost) everything neatly listed below each other.

“What I did not like was the map design and with that, the lack of being able to navigate around easily. I was constantly trying to figure out where to go for each quest (yes, even after reading the quest text!). This was not as bad when I had just accepted two quests and did them. But after going out to explore the region, accepting a few quests here and there and then taking a break of a few days, I found it difficult to get back into the quests.”

As you can see in the above quote, nothing has changed here since beta. I really wish they would make the map easier on the eyes. However, the other problem I had was with the combat and this has certainly changed. The telegraphs during combat aren’t a problem at all anymore. I guess changing from engineer to another class really helped here. Spellslinger and Stalker are much more agile and the combat is not anymore about watching telegraphs and not doing much else. In fact, it feels very challenging. I don’t think there’s ever been a starting area where I died or almost-died as often as I did in Wildstar and it’s always been because I had made mistakes in choosing which skill to activate when or when to dodge away.

Back in beta, I had played a Stalker and I really enjoyed the quickness of the combat with it, but I was also too squishy. Or, well, just a bad player, really. Now that the game has been out for a year, nothing really changed about me not being a good Stalker player, I guess. But I decided to play him in a duo with bookahnerk’s Medic.

My current main character is Firaya Sunflower, level 17 Spellslinger. She is fun, but I am not certain I want her as my main. She has that in common with about every character I chose to level up in any MMO I played (Warlock in WoW, Black Orc in WAR, Runekeeper in Lotro, Mesmer and Warrior in Guild Wars 2). This is one of the reasons I haven’t played her much lately. Thankfully, having bought the box of the game, I know I will have 12 character slots and since Wildstar has 6 different classes, I could theoretically make one character of every class on both factions. Or maybe I will give the Engineer another try. There hasn’t been a game yet where I did not like the Engineer or whatever class was close to an Engineer.

 This post is part of Blaugust 2015.

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