Announcing the winners of our giveaway…

First of all, this was a tough decision and we actually did have to use to choose the winner, as two pictures had gotten the same amount of points from us (yes, we used a point system for judging. :p).

Before we get to places 1 to 3, however, here’s something else newsworthy: We decided that all those who participated should get a little something, because we really liked all the screenshots that you showed us so much! Places 20 to 8 will get 5 gold each from us. We will contact you via email* as we’ll need your GW2 display names to send you your gold. :)

Seven pictures were in the final round and we decided to give 10 gold each for those who ended up on places 1 to 7. Obviously, we will also contact you via email*.

Look at the gallery below to see who made it to places 4 to 7.

And now, let’s look at the top 3!

Place 3 (the grey t-shirt) goes to Norelle with this screenshot:


2nd place (the black t-shirt) goes to Riley with this screenshot:


And 1st place (1200 gems) goes to Nikos with this screenshot:


Congratulations to all winners! We really enjoyed this contest. Lion’s Arch truly is a gorgeous city – and has been since Guild Wars 1, as Erhan reminded us with his contribution.

*Please be patient. We will contact you soon!