Trove Carpet Mount Giveaway

The giveaway is now closed and decided that the first comment is the winner. Congratulations to kiMah. I will send you the code in a few minutes. :D

Trove Carpet Mount

A few weeks ago, I won another Trove Carpet mount on the livestream. I say “another”, because I already have one. Naturally, I can’t and don’t want to use the second one, but want to give it away to some lucky person here. Entering the giveaway will be quite easy:

Comment and tell me your favourite class in Trove

Yes, that is all. If there is more than one person entering the giveaway, a random roll will determine the winner. Also, please make sure to leave a valid email address (in the reply form below. Don’t put your email into the comment text field, please), so that I can send you the code for the item in case you’ve won! Last but not least, this giveaway will be open until July 9, 2015, 6pm CEST (Berlin time).

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