One Day… I will play you…

I caught myself saying this very sentence several times in the last few days. I have also seen several people say that they won’t buy any more games on Steam unless they have at least played x other games that they bought in the past. How successful are we with that, eh? ;)

In my case, Trine 3 triggered that sentence, but it actually didn’t start nor stop there. The Trine series is a very odd one for me. I remember a guildie (Damagedself, actually) telling me about Trine 2 and that I should give it a try. I am not a fan of platformer games, though. Other than with the Gameboy, I never really played them. And even back then, I was more a fan of the setting, the world than the game itself. Anyway, I did give it Trine 2 a try and I clearly remember that after a few minutes, I was jumping up and down, squealing, telling bookahnerk how I needed to have that game because it’s awesome! I loved the music, I loved the art design, I loved creating boxes with the wizard, Amadeus. It was totally not the game I would usually play, but it was a game I had fallen in love with. I did buy the game not long after and even played it for a bit. I also own Trine 1. Still, up until this day, I did not play either of those games much.

The music and atmosphere in Trine 3 seem to be exactly the way it was in Trine 1 and 2. One Day, I will buy and play this game!

Torchlight I and II are also on my list of “One Day…”-games. I actually got into playing Torchlight I again recently and really enjoyed myself until that one evening last week where I bought weapons from the gambling vendor, got a really great rifle and… accidentally sold it again. I could not re-buy it anymore as the available stock had changed in the meantime. Now I’m broke and with my old crappy weapon still. But before I delve into Torchlight II together with bookahnerk, I am determined to finish Torchlight I. So… One Day…

Another recurring game on that list is “The Secret World”. I love almost everything about it. The only part I really do not like at all is the combat. Unfortunately, as with every other MMORPG out there, combat is an important part of the game (why is that, by the way? Do we really have to focus on combat so much?).TSW_scenery2

Defiance and Skyrim are on my list as well, but both are in the backseat for different reasons. I tried out Defiance, the game, before I had seen the first episode of the TV series. I did not like it too much, although I am always looking for a nice science fiction MMO to play. Then Netflix arrived here in Germany and I saw that they have the first season of Defiance available. I started watching it, more out of curiosity than anything else and I really enjoyed it and liked the world it is set in as well as some of the characters. So for this very reason, I would like to get into Defiance, the game. So far, no luck. Still, it is behind The Secret World for me. Skyrim is the game I want to love, but don’t. Mostly for technical reasons, actually. What annoys me most of all now is the clunky user interface and the lagging mouse for which I have not found a fix that works yet. I just always wonder: Is a game worth my time (especially with so many others on my list) that I cannot enjoy unless I dig through mods first? Still, One Day…


I am not alone with such a list, right? I’m pretty sure every gamer out there has games that One Day, they will get to play… maybe…, but for one reason or another, that day just keeps getting rainchecks.


  1. You’re not alone: Skyrim is on my list as well! I love the world and the exploration, but like you, I never was much of a fan of the interface. Also, I had my game bug out and the only way to go on with that character was to go hours and hours back to an earlier save game before event X that made it bug out. I was so disheartened by that that I’ve procrastinated going back to Skyrim to finish the main storyline ever since.

    But I’ll do it… one day! ;)

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  2. I think it is just a common problem for modern-day players. We have more games than time and energy in a day to play them. And more just keep coming, then there are the big promotions, bundles and similar that makes us end up buying even more games!

    Heck, if I was going to list all the games I started but never finished we would be here all day. If I also started to list the games I have not even started we would probably be until the end of the week.

    On the bright side if some bizarre cataclysm happens and new games just stop being produced we should be fine for a long while.

    On the subject of Skyrim’s clunky interface, have you tried SkyUI?

    Myself, I can’t play the game without it. It just would be too painful.


    1. Yes, I did try that mod. Together with SKSE. I played, then tried it again after several months and had to redownload my mods and then nothing was working anymore (that is, the mods were not loading). I eventually got frustrated and decided not to bother with mods anymore. ;) But when it was working, I loved it!

      My list of games I bought, started and never played is very long. However, there are some games that… One Day… I really want to play! They’re special, somehow. And yet, they’re still not played by me. ;) I have a simple “formula”: How much is the movie theatre per hour (only the ticket, as I never buy beverages, popcorn etc. there ^^)? How much was the game, how much did I play and how does it do compared to the movie? Because if it was cheaper for the amount that I did play (AND had fun), I got my money’s worth of entertainment. ^^ Tropico 5 is still below that line, sadly… *sigh*

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    2. Let’s say, just purely theoretical, of course, I would want to give Skyrim another try. Do you think SkyUI and SKSE is enough? And do you know what I need to do to make it work nicely with Steam? :p Because if I remember correctly, I had quite some trouble with Steam and SKSE and figuring out how to launch Skyrim with SKSE and not Steam taking over and launching the standard Skyrim without mods.


      1. I’d say you should also install the Unofficial Patches at least. Here is a link to one that covers the original game:

        There are others for the DLCs too which should be linked there.
        And if you like to horses and want to ride around with them in Skyrim, Convenient Horses is a must too:

        As for launching Skyrim with SKSE you could just make a shortcut to the skse_loader.exe located in your Skyrim folder to your desktop. If that doesn’t work let me know and I will help try to figure something out.


        1. Great. Thank you! I did get SKSE to work yesterday after some starting troubles (I remembered that I had to go “fullscreen” again in the Skyrim exe before the SKSE launcher would give me a useful screen. :p). I only tested the starting screen, but the mouse lag is gone with those two mods now.

          I’ll check out the other mods as well then. :)


  3. What a horrible story (about the follower killing everyone). It would freak me out as well if I found out about that afterwards. I guess the only way to play Skyrim is to make many, many save games (and I’m even good at that usually, and still it got messed up)!

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    1. Me too! With Tropico 4, I am up to 100 save games or so. I hardly ever delete a former one in case I have to go back for… oh, I don’t know… 36 months? :p

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  4. *nods* Understandable about the mods. Even for a mod addict like me there are times where I feel like throwing the computer through the window because the result would be less messy. I still think they are worth it though and if I could I would install them for the people I like. Science really needs to invent teleportation and a good universal translator soon!

    Since I can’t the best advice I can give is for trying to finish the game in one-go without or if that is not possible just not updating the mods until you finish it once. Fortunately Bethesda isn’t updating Skyrim anymore as they already moved to other projects so there isn’t a danger of their updates breaking the mods.


    1. I really love mods! But I don’t like having to dig and search for updated ones or when they are dependant on one another or complicated to install.

      But you’re right! Skyrim isn’t updated anymore, so once the mods work, they will continue to work. :D I should give them another try then.


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