Coming to Trove next: Chocolate Fishing and Ship Cannons

trove-logoAnother livestream on Twitch was planned, but due to a “forced software update” technical issues arose, apparently, leading to Trion cancelling the Trove stream. As of this moment, they’re working on getting the stream set up for ArcheAge and Rift later on, but they weren’t able to show us a preview of what’s coming next in Trove.

Avarem, lead developer of Trove, answered a few questions in the Twitch chat that were asked by viewers. The chat scrolled by too fast (I really dislike auto-scrolling chat text, by the way), so I could not catch everything and I definitely missed the beginning of him answering questions. But what I did catch, I copied, so you can read it now. The “centered” text is directly copied from the chat.

1nsaint: @Avarem what was planned as preview on todays stream?
Avarem: @1nsaint it was the Meownt, Phoenix mount adventure box, chocolate fishing, ship cannons, and the new UI

The Meownt preview week in the chaos chest will start next week. This probably means that the Meownt will be added to the loot table of possible drops out of the chaos chests which you can buy for credits in the store. I looked for a hint of what the “Meownt” is, but could not find anything. I would assume it’s a mount, but no guarantee here. It’s just a guess. On the other hand, Avarem also said:

Avarem: it has a whole CATegory (get it) so you can guess where that is headed

With the latest patch, we got fishing, but only for water and lava. The other liquids (chocolate and plasma) have no fishing so far. But Avarem confirmed that chocolate fishing will come next week! Something else will change as well, though:

Shockfusion: @Avarem any changes to rares in fishing or the amount of glim from fishing?
Avarem: @Shockfusion Uncommon fish will go down some in how often they appear, so rewards for fishing will go down a bit, but not a lot, we’re also going to add more to buy with glim

Something else concerning fishing:

Avarem: also there’s a reason to have the lady of the lake fishing pole
Avarem: so don’t be sad, you people who were sad about that

I am not sure the “sad”-part belongs to the fishing pole. Again, the chat scrolled by too fast and I missed the beginning.

One last thing:

Avarem: If you haven’t seen our UI preview (not out next week, but some the week after) check out our official twitter account (@trovegame) or mine (@heyandrewk)

I assume Andrew referred to their tweet with a picture showing the ship cannons. I did not even look at the UI until I saw this chat message. But here you go:

Trove Teaser: Ship Cannons and new UI
Teaser: Ship Cannons and new UI


I guess we’ll have to wait and watch the official forum to see more info on what is coming to Trove next week.