Coming to Trove next: Fishing, Ships & the Pirate class

Trove_Pirate CaptainAfter postponing the update for a week, the Fish ‘n’ Ships update will finally land in Trove coming Tuesday (March 31).

You can preview what’s coming in their latest livestream video on Twitch. Or you can read the summary written by Bragi in the official forum. Also, since it was originally scheduled to go live last week, we know quite a lot of what’s coming. This doesn’t make it any less exciting, of course!

Please note that the update will come about three hours earlier than usual as Trion is doing some other maintenance which affects the time slot they have to use to update the game.

One thing I’m still confused about is whether the class will be called “Pirate Captain” or “Pirate Lord” or maybe just “Pirate“. At least, the official announcement of next week’s patch only calls it “Pirate” with nothing else added. But that’s just a small detail. Altogether, this class looks like a lot of fun to play. :) I know that I will definitely buy the class as soon as it comes out. You may remember that the newest class is always the most expensive one. The ones released before the newest will get cheaper then. This means that the Pirate Captain will cost 8000 cubits, the Shadow Hunter will then cost 6500 and the Ice Sage will cost 5000 cubits like the other classes.

Trove_Pirate Captain Parrot

So far, I have always bought all classes for the maximum amount of cubits, even though it probably wasn’t worth it. While I did play the Candy Barbarian to level 20, the Ice Sage and Shadow Hunter did not get played much. I just ended up not liking them enough. Since levelling up a class gives you mastery points, though, I will level them up one day. Probably together with bookahnerk, though, as playing those classes alone isn’t fun for me. Anyway, the Pirate – what do you think about that class? A silly question, I assume. It’s a pirate, after all. With a parrot. On. A. Cannon. I think it’s a very neat detail that the parrot is usually flying right next to your shoulder, but when you use your skill on your right mouse button, you “throw” it onto a cannon. For the duration of this skill, the parrot is sitting on top of the cannon controlling it.

Trove_Pirate Captain Decoy

The Pirate also has a skill where it calls Decoys. That one is similar to the Fae Trickster. But with the latter, the Decoy looks identical to the actual class. I’m not sure how good the pirate’s decoys are, but they seem to do the trick… ;)

Another important note is that the Pirate does not use energy regeneration! So, if you’ve collected items or when you find items while playing, your preference should be with items that do not use a stat that’s useless to you. In order to regenerate energy, you will have to collect the doubloons that appear when you’re shooting at enemy NPCs. But only your parrot skill needs energy. I guess that basically means that the doubloons are the wage you’ve got to pay the parrot, so it fights with you. :p

The second major addition will be ships. We now know that the ships will also have stats. When you’ve got mastery level 70 you get a boat. But that’s quite a long road, especially for a new player. The fastest way will be to pay $20 on March 31 and buy the Pirate Pack which will give you the Pirate class (although you can buy it for cubits, the in-game currency, as well), the two available costumes for the Pirate and two ships (Ghost Ship and Draconic Ship). You will also be able to buy the ships individually, however. The Draconic ship will be able to sail on lava without taking damage.

Trove Ghost Ship
Ghost Ship with Ghostly Sail

I’m not sure how else you can get a boat, especially when your mastery level isn’t high enough yet. Mine isn’t, for example. They did previously say that you will have to play the game to get the bigger boats, even though some boats will be in the shop. So, I assume the two mentioned above are the boats in the shop and the rest will be acquired in the game. Fine with me. I just hope that I can at least get a tiny little boat right away! Another detail that they mentioned in that previous livestream is that the new biome, the Treasure Isles, will drop “Golden Seashells” which you will need for the boats. So make sure to spend time in there and collect those items if you want a boat!

Update (March 30): Avarem posted a screenshot on the forum. This one clearly shows that the SS Dinghy will be available from the glim pirate merchants (the ones whose pirate image on the flag has red in it) for 500 glim. The Worn Sail will be available for 250 glim. In case you don’t have any glim yet, go farm it to be prepared for tomorrow’s update. :)

Trove_Deconstructing Fish
Deconstructing the Hub Hugger

The third big feature will be fishing. This is probably my favourite of the three. No matter which online game I’m playing, if there is fishing, I will do just that! It’s such a great thing to do when trying to relax from a day at work. The fish you catch will need to be put into the Deconstructor, so that you get useful resources. They also explained how the fishing poles work in their previous livestream.

Update (March 30): Avarem posted a screenshot on the forum. You can buy your basic fishing pole from the glim pirate merchants (the ones whose pirate image on the flag has red in it) for 200 glim. A lure will cost 10 glim per piece.

If you’re annoyed with how tedious trading is (you and the person you want to trade with have to stand next to a trading post together), then the following news will make you happy: Avarem said that they will work on making trading easier, possibly around or right before launch. The word “auction house” was mentioned, but they did not say they will add one. They want to make sure that trading will work and fit to their game and the major goal is to “make it easier to trade”. Either way, I am happy that they acknowledged this. I don’t know if I really need something like an auction house, but being able to trade items with a specific person even if you’re not online at the same time would be great. For example, via in-game mail.

One last thing I want to comment on is the possible change to cubits. So far, you can get 500 cubits on a weekday and 1000 on a Saturday and a Sunday. There is no way to get more cubits as they are not tradeable and the “quest” can only be done once a day. They are planning to add more quests which you can do to earn more cubits. The problem with cubits is that when the items you can buy for cubits are tradeable, you can just make several alt accounts, farm cubits and buy everything that way. Instead, the stuff you can get for cubits will not be tradeable and then they can also increase the amount of cubits you can earn. I like that, because at the moment, I sometimes only log on to get my daily amount of cubits, but then log out again. Avarem also said that they will add enough items that you can buy for cubits, so there’ll definitely be an incentive to play the game more to earn more cubits and buy whatever they’re offering.

I really hope the patch will come on March 31st and not be delayed by another week, because that day is also my last work day before I can enjoy a 1,5 weeks vacation. I am definitely planning on spending some more time in Trove then trying to catch all the fish! :)


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