Coming to Trove next: Boats, fishing and the pirate class

Trove Pink Cookiephant

Trion have been teasing us with the water update for a while now and in this Friday’s livestream, they revealed some more information and finally showed us boats and fishing. Some of the things they showed will go live next week, some will come the week after. As usual, I will give you the most important news here, but won’t go into every single detail.


Trove_N-0 Depth Scoper
N-0 Depth Scoper – the fishing pole for plasma

The newest crafting profession, fishing, will come. By unlocking different fishing poles, you will be able to fish in different liquids. The basic one allows you to fish in water, but apparently, lava, plasma and chocolate will be available as well. Getting a special lure (like the one pictured on the left) will unlock the ability to fish in certain liquids (plasma in this case). The fishing poles themselves are more or less cosmetic, though. You can then use any of the fishing poles that you have to fish in the liquids you have unlocked.

Trove FishingYou will also need lures which can be bought at a vendor. Which fish you can get also depends on the liquid, the biome you’re in and on the time (not sure if they mean a day and night cycle or a season). Once you’ve got a fish, what can you do with it? Of course, you deconstruct it! I do not want to imagine that in detail, to be honest. ;) Anyway, one example given was the “Fat Catfish” which will give you a lot of glim if you deconstruct it. A special crafting resource that will come from fishing is the “Ancient Scale” which can be used to make a bigger boat.

We will be able to fish in our club worlds, but not every fish will be available this way.


Trove_Basic Sail
Sails and boats have two different slots

Next up was boats. They will come in different sizes. For example, clipper-sized boats, but also bigger ones (galleon-sized). There will be an equipment slot for the boat and one for the sail. So you can probably customize the look of your boat a bit this way. When you’re on your boat, you will have a “free camera” view. Navigating the boat will be different from moving your character. There will be acceleration, for example, and steering.

There will be some boats in the shop, but for the bigger boats, you will actually have to play the game. ;) The Treasure Isles will be where you will be able to get whatever you need for the boats. “Golden Seashells” will drop there (and/or they’re going to be harvestable) which you will need to craft those bigger boats.

Trove_Bigger Boat
One of the bigger boats available

Pirate class

The Pirate class will be shown in detail in next week’s livestream. The most important bits now.

  • It’s called the “Pirate Captain”
  • Right mouse button throws down a cannon. You can upgrade that cannon.
  • Basic attack is called the “Plunderbuss”
  • As you hit things, doubloons will spawn that upgrade your cannon
  • First mouse button is a decoy pirate (“Proxy Pirate”). A bit like the faerie trickster, but the pirate explodes when it dies.
  • Your ultimate is a mortar

Some things that are coming next week

  • They’ll increase the number of layers (or lairs? I actually have a hard time understanding Avarem and I don’t know what “layers” ares, “lairs” would make more sense…) that spawn in an adventuring zone
  • The dance pad will get music added, apparently
  • Two equipment pieces per dungeon
  • Adventuring Treasure chests that sound like they function like chaos chests with changing rewards. But the adventure chests drop within the game. No credits needed to purchase these as opposed to the chaos chests.
  • One of the items you can find in such a chest is the “Pink Cookiephant” – quite obviously, a pink elephant mount. Those mounts will be quite common. They mentioned a 5 % drop rate.


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