Coming to Trove next: New UI, tutorial and more…

Trove_Sharp Shooter Costume

As is usual for Fridays, we had another livestream from Trion where they showed us what they are currently working on in Trove. It seems that development is going well and fast.

New tutorial

Instead of all the signs that you have to read, they will have more pop-up images that will tell you about the game and apparently, also about its story. It’s not fully done yet and sounds like a work in progress that will get more pop-up images over time.


… is coming! The wintery look of the hub will not stay with us for much longer. Winter pinatas will also be removed next week.


Two new costumes were shown: The “Sharp Shooter” for the Shadow Hunter: Musically-themed, obviously. The shooting animation has fitting graphics (little notes in the air) and Trion also added sound effects. This costume comes with a hat and a weapon skin, too! Very nice work here.

The second costume is the Blood Knight. Compared to the Sharp Shooter, it does look a bit boring… although it’s also simple and clean. Nice look altogether. Once you use your combat skills, you can see where it gets its name from, though!

Dance Pad

The Dance Pad is a Mag Rider and once you’re on it, your character starts to dance. This also means that Dracolytes can transform into the dragon form, hop onto that Mag Rider and keep dancing in gangnam style for as long as they want! The Dance Pad will drop from Chaos Chests.

Trove_Dance Pad_Dracolyte
Dance Pad with Dracolyte

New UI

Jen and Khari are the people responsible for the new UI. One preview was the window when opening Radiant Chests. More things to come soon in the future.

Trove_New UI Radiant Chest
New UI Radiant Chest

New VFX artist

They mention that a new VFX (visual effects) artist is starting next week.

Other Voxel MMOs

No, this isn’t news about Trove. But they mention a poll from MMOGames right at the beginning of the livestream: This is what they are talking about and Trove even came out in 2nd place! Yes, after heavily advertising in the stream, but I guess that’s what always happens when such polls appear. :p I’m linking it in case you are interested in this genre. Trove by far isn’t the only one, after all. I personally have only played Trove and a bit of Landmark. Completely different games, but both are voxel-based, so there you go.

The Radiant Steed was also shown in the livestream. This mount already is in game and can drop (very rarely, I assume) from Radiant Caches.

Trove Radiant Steed
Trove Radiant Steed

On the forums, the most noteworthy post is probably the one where they give us an update about possible European servers.

“We’re working on it.

There are a few requirements that lead to technical difficulties:
1) Trove needs to remain as one universe. We won’t be splitting into US/EU zones. […]”

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