Gold sellers and Trove

Friday’s live stream again showed a few things of what’s coming next. But there was also some other rather important topic: Spam from gold sellers has appeared in Trove! The problem is, apart from the spam, that they often use stolen credit cards or hacked accounts in order to get the stuff they want to sell to you. Trion Worlds was pretty clear how they are going to handle this problem: They will ban the accounts. But not just the gold sellers, also you, the player, if you use the services offered by gold sellers! You can also read their official announcement about their stance in their forum.

So, just don’t do it, please. By not generating any demand for gold sellers, we will also probably see fewer hacked accounts and less spam. That’s always a good thing, right? A girl can dream… :p

In other news

Next week we will see a special event where you will get double the amount of glim when you’re outside adventuring. Get on your mount and run down the grass! :p

Winter in Trove is coming to an end. So, winter pinatas will leave the game soon. Next week, there will be a 50 % off sale for them. Currently, one winter pinata costs 2000 cubits or 250 credits. 5 winter pinatas can be bought for 1000 credits. 50 can be bought for 8250 credits. Just remember: They will be 50 % off next week, so better wait with buying them.

The War Horse mentioned in the last live stream will be added to the store. So, you’ll buy it with credits (real money currency).

Trove_Garden in Club World

Scoops, the ice-cream panda mount, will be craftable for 1000 cupcakes. I assume you will need more than just the 1000 cupcakes, though. But in case those sound scary: You can also craft cupcakes with the gardening profession. The item you want to create is the “Cupcake Seed”. 10 seeds need 3 Rich Fertilizers, 35 Sunlight Bulbs and 15 Bleached Bones. 5 Rich Fertilizers need 1 Water (made by 3 Glim and 2 Mushroom Chunks each), 3 Mushroom Chunks and 13 Glim. Feel free to calculate for yourself if you want to do gardening or go farm cupcakes. In my case, I still had quite a few of those materials in my personal chest, but only 17 cupcakes. So I decided to plant the Cupcake Seeds.

Trove_Recipe CupCake Seed

The third mount announced in last week’s live stream is the Gadget Cat. We will be able to trade with the pirates (cat for glim). But that’s not the news part here as they already said so last week. The news part is that this mount makes adorable cat noises! Awwww. :p

Trion Worlds added a subforum for mods now. So, you can spot the players’ creations much more easily now or, if you want to create items, others can see them more easily than before where those threads were in the middle of the general discussion area.

You can check this thread for more info on what was said in the last live stream or just watch the recorded livestream on Twitch.