Pirates in Trove!

With the recent patch, Trove has added pirates. The first thing I did when I logged on was trying to find the pirates. I was not successful. The patch notes are a bit vague and only say:

Find them anchored in any adventure world, […]

They are pirates and they are anchored. So obviously, water was the right direction. It just seems that you have to be a bit lucky to actually see some. On my second try, I was more successful and after riding along the shore for a bit, I finally saw the pirate ship!

Trove Pirate ship map

For the time being, there is only something like a “crafting station” on the ship which you can use to trade materials for items for different items. I have found one pirate ship trading flux for a mount and another trading Glim (formerly known as “Warpseed” – it got renamed and a different icon)  for allies. It seems that the flag indicates what kind of vendor you can find on the ship. The red-bearded pirate face is for the cat-allies vendor and the one with the eye patch has the vendor for the mount.
Update: The Wiki entry says that the red-bearded vendor indicates a trading station that accepts Glim as currency (e.g. the cat soultrap vendor) whereas the one with the eye patch accepts Flux instead (e.g. the shadowy mount vendor).

Allies are another new addition. Those were formerly known as “pets”. A pet always has some special attributes that you get from having it outside and the allies are the same now. I traded for five “Cat Soultraps”, but only got two different cat allies. The others are for my friends, I guess. 250 Glim are needed for one of those.

According to Trion, the pirates feature will get more work later on, but they are currently working on the next patch which will bring wings and the sky islands which will arrive in Trove in February. So, don’t worry if you don’t have that much Glim to try to get all the different cat allies! Trion is working on adding the fishing profession which will be used to farm for Glim.

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