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Trove Questions

It’s time for another “Ask Nerdy Bookahs”. We have looked at the questions in the search terms that led people to our blog for which we know we do not have fitting entries and we’re trying to answer those questions now.

This time, the topic is Trove. We have seen quite a lot of questions that led to this blog, but we have not answered them here yet. Or we have, but they are outdated. Trove has gone into open beta at the beginning of November and with it, the game saw quite a few changes again.

How do I get cubits?

Cubits are the game’s currency. The kind you get from playing the game, not the kind you have to buy with real money (those are called “credits”). You used to get cubits the first time you entered the game after creating your account. Since you could buy things in the store and trade them to others, Trion Worlds have pulled back on the amount of cubits you get without doing anything. You no longer get any cubits when you first log into the game. You also no longer get free cubits just for logging on once a day.

Trove Questions

You do get a bar at the top right corner of the screen that fills when you do dungeons. Once the bar is filled, you get the amount of cubits written on there (500 on any week day, 1000 on Saturdays and Sundays). You can only do this once per day. At server reset (12 pm for us here in Paris/Berlin time), the bar reappears and you can fill it up again. If you don’t have much time on a given day, don’t worry. The progress is saved! Fill the bar a little bit every day if that’s all you can do. But remember: Once it fills up, you can’t fill it up again until after server reset. So, if you can only fill it up once a week, for example, try to time it so it fills on a Saturday or a Sunday in order to get the 1000 cubits. ;)

A second way to get cubits is to increase your mastery level. Click “C” to open your character sheet, then click on the ribbon to see the rewards you get for each mastery level. Reaching level 3 gives you 500 cubits. Level 6 gives you 100 credits, by the way! So, mastery even gives you a bit of the currency you usually have to spend money for.

Trove Questions

Gaining mastery isn’t hard either. Almost everything you do in-game gives you mastery. Levelling the gardening profession, for example. Gathering and unlocking skills. Gaining levels with your classes. Just play and you will see the messages on the right of your screen whenever you get some more XP towards your mastery levels.

How do I get skins?

This is quite easy, actually. You play the game! Mobs can drop items, as do the chests from bosses in dungeons. Each item that has a skin (rings don’t, for example), will either have a green line of text saying you haven’t collected that item skin yet, or a red one saying you already have collected it. If you haven’t, throw it in the Style Saver (careful: This will destroy the item! Only do it once you don’t need the item anymore, e.g. when you outlevelled it). This will unlock the style. By default, you can open the collections window with “I”. Click on the “Styles” tab to see all the styles you have collected already. Each collected style will also give you some XP for your mastery level!

What is a club?

This is simple. A club is what guilds are in MMORPGs. You can join up to 5 clubs (just like you can join different guilds in Guild Wars 2). You always only represent one of the clubs, though. The clubs window can be opened with “P”. Click on the little flag of the club you want to represent. Click on “Club World” to enter that club’s world. The good news is that even when you’re not currently representing a club, you can still read that club’s chat! You can also use a club for yourself to have a huge world to build in. You can create a club with a “Club Card”. Go to the Crafting Bench (if you don’t have one yet, click “V” and craft a Crafting Bench. Put it in your cornerstone!) and click on the “Club World” tab. The Club Card costs 100 Formicite Ore, 300 Shapestone and 100 Warpsteed. It may sound like a lot, but it isn’t.

Boss attacks house?

I am actually not 100 % sure what the person asking this question wanted to know. Sometimes, you can hear a loud “bang” and see something like an explosion. The guy that lands is a “Shadow Invader”. This invader is a bit more difficult to kill than regular mobs, but not that difficult either. When it dies, it usually gives you some flux which is needed to later upgrade your items. Don’t worry about flux if you’re just starting out. Collect it and wait with upgrading your items until you’re higher level.

Something slightly annoying is that regular mobs (and Shadow Invaders!) also spawn and enter your cornerstone. So, you may find yourself in the situation of having to fight them. Uninterrupted building on your cornerstone isn’t possible because of this, so be careful. Especially when using skills that can also be used to mine building blocks as you can destroy everything on your cornerstone.

That’s it for today. If there are more questions, I will try to answer them here.

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