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I’ve been rather busy today with meetings, heated discussions – you know, the usual. So, I am not in the mood to do the blog post I had thought about today. I also cannot write anything about the latest Guild Wars 2 patch that went live yesterday, because I haven’t played much yet. I think I should play a bit more before I start ranting about it. What I can say already is that I really enjoyed listening to the music and that I was positively surprised to see that we get a new map and that apparently, this new map features some interesting group-related content. As I said, I haven’t played much, but it did look a whole lot more than I imagined “dynamic events” in the open world when they first started talking about them before release.

Instead, I will use today’s post for Trove: The game went into open beta today! With yesterday’s patch, a few changes were introduced. Before, you got cubits once a day for logging in. Cubits is the free, non-real-life-money account-bound (you can’t use it to pay other players for materials etc.) currency with which you can buy mounts, pets and other nice things in the shop. I guess this was to be expected. With it being free to play and in open beta, you could theoretically have created a zillion accounts to log on and receive those daily cubits. Even though they are bound and cannot be transferred to another account, the items you can buy for cubits aren’t always account-bound. To make up for it, you can earn more cubits every day by playing the game. Not such a bad deal, I think.

Trove_Club World

You can find the latest patch notes here on the official forums.

If you just started playing Trove or are about to start playing, you may want some more information and help about the game. There is an official wiki, but I don’t know how active players are on there. There is also the subreddit where you won’t get any official support, but you can probably read about the latest changes there, suggestions, questions and so on. It hasn’t been as active since Trion released the official forums, but it still is really busy. Last but not least, as just mentioned and linked to above, there is the official forum (and the Dev Tracker). Of course, you can also ask me questions, but I’m not sure I can always answer them. I’ll try, though!

Trove isn’t just a game you play. Trove is also a game that lets you create… build things in-game, but also build dungeons, design items for everybody to wear and so on. Check out this subreddit for Trove creations.

And now, go play. Have fun. And remember: Dracolyte is the best class anyway. There is absolutely no need to ever try any of the others. They’re just boring and can’t compare. Seriously. Yes. ;)

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