I am the “eternal soldier” kind of Guild Wars 2 player

GW2 Charr with two swords

ArenaNet currently offers Guild Wars 2 for 50 % off until November 9 – and to celebrate that (or in order to direct more people to that site, I guess), they added a little quiz: What kind of Guild Wars 2 player are you?

My result was this:

You’re a…

Eternal Soldier

You know what makes me happy?

Smashing castle gates down. Raiding enemy supply camps. Wreaking havoc on the battlefield with a few dozen friends. These are a few of my favorite things.

War is my business – and business is good.

Good, I guess. The thing is that of course, since it’s focusing on the current Guild Wars 2 game, they cannot ask questions about things that aren’t in the game. If I had to guess, I would say they focussed on WvW, sPvP, personal story (or feeling like a hero), open world events and living story? It’s hard to tell. Of course, it’s also light-hearted and not a quiz to be taken too seriously. Still, I do wonder what others – you who is reading my blog post right now, for example – have gotten as a result. :)

GW2 Asura Guardian

The text above is exactly the kind of player I used to be in Warhammer Online. In Guild Wars 2, not so much. Once defending makes sense, I may have a look at it again. Back in WAR, I thought we had bad zergs. Now that I’ve played WvW in Guild Wars 2, I really know what a zerg is. :p

And if I had to classify my gaming type in MMOs, I would say: A little bit of this, a little bit of that. I like to alternate between questing and gathering resources and then crafting/earning gold (mostly through crafting except in GW2 where crafting is a money sink), I like to do dungeons every now and then, I like to play instanced and open world consensual PvP. I like owning a place I can call home and decorating it. I like collecting things like mini pets. I like to play different classes and create a ton of characters. I love exploring the virtual world. I don’t like doing any of the above exclusively for a too long time or delve too much into any one area. I want to be able to switch between all those modes. But there is one thing that I cannot stand at all: Being THE hero. Being one of the heroes is fine, though.

I still wonder if maybe a “What profession suits you?” would have been the better choice to advertise the game’s sale.


  1. “You’re a…
    I’m the main character in my own epic saga.

    My blade rewrites history. Tales of my deeds are whispered by campfires and sung by choirs. I’m an agent of destiny.

    My story never ends—and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

    I think they’re calling me an Elitist. Hmf. :P

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    1. So you want to be THE hero. :D

      Well, in Rift you’re at least one of the Ascended and Guild Wars 2 lets you be the hero (right when Trahearne goes into retirement, of course). ;)

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  2. For me the result was:

    “Monster First Responder

    I’m always in the center of the action.

    Do you have a giant monster problem? Has your
    city been overrun by inhuman invaders? Need somebody to take out that maniacal arch-villain? Look no further.

    Tyria is a dangerous, constantly changing place – good thing you have somebody like me on your side when things go bad. ”

    Which kind sounds like what I would be if I was an adventurer in a fantasy world, I guess.

    As a player though, I also like variety even if I do suck at it and end up spending way too much time obsessing over whatever is on my mind at the time. More specifically, I like to build stuff (read: decorate) which tends to be my main obsession, see different places in the world, experiment it through different classes, get a rush from an interesting battle mechanic/surviving a trick encounter by using superior strategy and so on.

    The only things I am not a fan of are grind (too repetitive for my fickle personality), artificial competition (having to camp for a mob or harvesting) and PvP (I am a lover, not a fighter! Well, kinda. I am more actually of the “leave me alone, I just want to do this one thing in peace and quite right now!” type. :p)

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    1. About the PvP: Yes, that’s why I added the “consensual” there. I’m not always in the mood for PvP and nothing ruins my gaming time more than having somebody attack me when I want to do something else.

      I’m happily decorating my Rift home at the moment. With the new minion system (which is basically just a clicking-game, a bit like your standard Facebook game), you get a ton of dimension items and all of a sudden, I have all those choices. My little oasis has slowly been growing and getting filled with more details to make the place come to life. :D

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  3. I’m a “Monster First Responder”

    Most of the options didn’t really appeal to me, so I thought about it carefully and went with the option for which I could remember a concrete example or the one that evoked the strongest emotional resonance. I generally don’t display the type of bravado contained within a lot of the response options.

    I do like to be in the center of things as a melee character, generally speaking, unless I’m a dedicated trinity healer. My bloodlust for PvP isn’t nearly as strong as it was, say, ten years ago, so I’m typically seen out in the world smashing evil wherever I find it. You’ll find me in the front lines trading blows with monsters and saving villages, content to be rewarded with a good meal and maybe the bed of one of the locals. *wink*

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    1. I just realized that this December, I’ve been playing MMOs for 9 years (started with WoW). I’d only played… I guess strategy/city-building games before that. So quite peaceful yes. ;)

      And yeah, the quiz doesn’t cover all gaming types. I would have liked some more options.

      In the front lines… so, would you typically play tanks?


      1. Yes, I prefer tanks. Being singularly responsible for the success or failure of the party is the best way to keep me engaged. I relish the challenge. Secondarily, I play healers, usually in a PvP context where things are more chaotic and dynamic, and again in the front lines or close to them.

        I don’t need recognition from others to validate my play experience, but at the same time being another cog in the machine or situated in the back lines tends to make me lose interest much faster. I’ll dance with monsters or sometimes other players for a while, but without a formally defined role in the thick of things I end up walking away fairly quickly.

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