Weapon Master…

We have successfully moved and most of our stuff is in the new place. I have also been ill for the last three weeks – yes, my timing is impeccable. However, now that most things have settled, it is time to call for an end of our summer break and you’ll see me blogging here more often again. :)

Some time ago, I wrote about my favourite “profession” which is actually not a profession per se, but a weapon and a specific playstyle (especially in Guild Wars 2): The one-handed sword.

I’m very close to 10.000 achievement points and had a look at the various categories to see where I could get some more points when I found the weapon master tab. As I said in that post, I really love the sword, but I had no idea how much I love it, especially considering that I actually do have five professions at level 80 already!

GW2_Weapon Master

2 thoughts on “Weapon Master…

  1. Rakuno says:

    Welcome back and congratulations on the achievement! :)

    Tough to be honest I am still not sure if those kind of achievements are something scary or something that says interesting things about the way we play…


    • paeroka says:

      I’m still not at the 10.000 mark. :p 10 points are missing.

      I’ve never hunted for those achievement points and when I look around at other people who are online as often as I am, I’m very far behind. On the other hand, while you can find me logged in most evenings, I’m usually onliny to chat with friends and not necessarily to actually play the game which probably tells you a lot about me, too. ;)

      Either way, I want those 400 gems! :D


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