Rebuilding Lion’s Arch…?

GW2 Lion's Arch rebuilt crafting stationsWhen the latest patch got released, I headed over to the forum to read the patch notes as I always do, but when I read the part about Lion’s Arch, I logged into the game to see it with my own eyes. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was – and yes, I may have ranted and raged a bit here in front of my PC. But let me explain what happened.

When, before the patch, I had read that the Zepyhrites would be offering their help to rebuild Lion’s Arch, I had imagined that we, as players, would be helping as well. I thought that this meant that with the next few patches, this would be part of the living story content. Imagine this: helping the citizens of Lion’s Arch out and with the next Living Story release, the bank would be back in place. After that, the lion statue, then the Trading Post. Up until in the very end, the portals would finally be back and fully working!

Or why not let us all collaborate? Make it a race between the regions: EU and US servers – which region gets Lion’s Arch back on its feet first? Different challenges, activities, etc. drop and award different special materials that are needed for the rebuilding process. Make it a game, give us a mini lion’s statue that is placed in our home instance as a reward. Make it fun!

GW2 Lion's Arch rebuilt mapInstead, after logging into the game, I found that everything we need is already back. Yes, Lion’s Arch itself is still in ruins! But it’s fully functional again. 3 crafting areas, 4 banks, 4 trading posts, the portals, mystic forge, etc. One could say that it’s better than before – or more convenient, as you can choose which area of Lion’s Arch you want to spend your time at while putting items into the bank. This isn’t “helping rebuild”. In fact, I fail to see why they would need any help from the Zephyrites or anybody else. The amount of vendors, banks, trading posts (just think of all the trading post fees we’re paying!) should be more than enough to pay for the rebuilding of the rest of the city.

This was a swoosh with a wand and some fairies granted us a wish and made it flawlessly perfect. But at the same time, at least for me, utterly boring. I had been looking forward to getting the rebuilding process as content, to tell all the future newcomers: “I was there. I saw this city before it was attacked, I saw it and defended it while it was attacked, I saw it when it was in ruins and I was here helping rebuild it! This is partly my doing!” Instead, I was handed everything on a silver platter within a few minutes.

We can maybe help make the city look pretty again, but for me, there’s no sense of urgency to it. And yeah, while it may be good to give citizens back their homes, I have to admit that as long as I don’t get my own house, I don’t care where the NPCs are living either. ;) At the same time, I do hope that we will be asked to help out in some way in a future patch and get to rebuild something. Maybe not a trading post or the portals, but at this point, anything would be nice.

And this is probably also why I shouldn’t assume and imagine things. Expectations can lead to great disappointment…


  1. Absolutely agree with you 100%
    This was such a huge missed opportunity!
    And I applaud their attempt to teach players to split up to accomplish a goal instead of just all flock to one commander icon (the pavilion bosses) but the way they went about it was HORRIBLE… making us PAY to start the bosses was acceptable… Making us pay a HUGE amount (FAR MORE than we’ll get as loot) is a HORRIBLE idea… yes, if everyone pitches in a little bit, everyone will profit, but that wasn’t explained in-game…
    ANet keeps thinking the masses are more intelligent than they really are… They just assume people are willing and/or capable of enough thought to realize if everyone splits up into groups and all the bosses get fought at once, the whole thing can be done in about 8 minutes, then if everyone pitches in a little cash, the whole thing can be repeated again…
    Yet another case of “great idea, HORRIBLE implementation”
    ANet REALLY needs to get some GOOD people in charge of handling HOW things are rolled out….
    Great ideas, horrible implementation… Again….


    1. Yes, I agree, the implementation seems to be lacking quite often, unfortunately. Or rather, I wonder whether they would need more time to think things through before releasing them to the public. And, of course, if the content was on the servers for a long time, then maybe we would see more changes in the implementation afterwards. But this way, there’s no need because the next release needs to get ready and the current content will be removed within 2 – 4 weeks again anyway.


    2. While you have a point, the thing with the payillon wasn’t arenanet’s fault completely. Players were (some of them) just simply dumb. When the event was still running , I asked some people if we shouldn’t split up. Everyone replied with things along the lines of : ” I don’t care ’bout your opinion, just let me do it my way, (add insult here)” So yes, arenanet has to do sth, but the players as well. Of course an MMO doesn’t make any fun if no one really works as a team, and then that’s not arenanet’s fault.


  2. Right what Zanaraxtarus said: a huge missed opportunity!
    You paragraph, Nadine, just above the screenshots describes in the best possible way what they *should* have done with this opportunity. They could have content worth months of gameplay and players interested and invested (in both time and game money) for equally long.

    I haven’t felt more cheated in GW2 than this, now. I haven’t stepped foot in LA since patch night. Whatever feelings I had about this fabled city, lie in ruins next to its rubble and my great expectations. Boo ArenaNet.


    1. Yup, cheated is the right word. I wanted to be there and see it and be a part of it.

      I do hope that we will at least get to help rebuild the look of Lion’s Arch. And with “help”, I don’t mean that we pay gold to see the bosses respawn in the Queen’s Pavilion and are then told that this money will be spent on rebuilding Lion’s Arch. My asura wants to be there and really help out, get her hands dirty!


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