Lion’s Arch post-Scarlet

GW2 Lion's Arch 2.0

Back during the beta weekend events, I already did a screenshot gallery of Lion’s Arch. I’ve always loved the style of the city and I couldn’t believe it could be a target and be destroyed one day. I did take the cues, though, and before anything happened, I did another screenshot gallery, just so I’d have enough pictures of the city. During the attack, I took just a few screenshots, as I was usually too busy trying to fight and survive in there.

Now that the dust is settling, I felt that I had to go there again and capture the scenery after Scarlet’s attack on Lion’s Arch. Yep, it’s definitely destroyed. There are places and areas where you think: “It’s not that bad.” And other corners, where you realize just how bad the attack really was. But, as usual, I’m not here to just go on and on and rant about the look of the city. I’m here to show you the pictures I have taken. So judge for yourselves! :)


  1. Aw, Lion’s Arch :( As sad as I was to see it be destroyed, I’m actually quite happy the developers were bold enough to do something so permanent. Really pulls on your heartstrings, y’know? Great pictures though! I love how the clouds are glowing in some of them. Ominous…


    1. Same here. It’s sad, but at the same time, really good. They can’t go on and on about how great their living story is if there are no lasting changes (that last a bit longer than the destroyed light house).


  2. ~Sentimental bit~
    Everyone who’s ever played the original GW -particularly Prophecies and the ‘Beyond’ trilogy- has a special place in their hearts for Lion’s Arch. The mother of cities, the cradle of interracial civilization… When I read ‘Sea of Sorrows’ I cried a lot about many things, mostly though about its destruction. Meanwhile though (as the book came out after GW2 launched and I’d already seen the ‘New’ LA) I had fallen in love anew with that city again! I thought Anet’s artists did a fabulous job at ‘re-building’ the city I loved so much and had created a place that both preserved memories of the glorious past and at the same time portrayed the love and effort Cobiah et al put in its rebuilding.
    And then they (i.e. Anet) re-destroyed it! There are no words to describe my shock, anger, disappointment when I heard the news and watched that trailer, just before the patch came. When it did, I ran in the city to help defend it side by side with other players, but mostly I wanted to see what they’d done with the place.
    What they’d done with it is graphically exhibited through your beautiful screenshots Nadine! ^^

    ~Technical blah blah~
    ArenaNet probably has the best art department in MMO history <3
    The destroyed Lion's Arch is an amalgam of the original city (with PoIs and ruins of it still present), the re-built one (with Marriner's plaques intact, scattered amongst the ruins of the city's major buildings) and quite a few new places to explore (that underwater cave… <3). It is old and familiar, but it's also new and unexplored. Kudos to Anet, for a feat unlike any I've seen! And these come on top of those I would like to add for their bold decision to go where no studio has gone before: they destroyed not just a hub in the game, but THE hub! Can you imagine the mayor of a city demolishing overnight a building/service where all the people in his municipality gathered and were happy about? No, I can't either. Hats off for your buccaneer bravery ArenaNet!


    1. I can’t comfortably reply to your comment, because it’s so long that I can’t see the beginning of it when typing my reply here. :p

      Anyway. I never had such a strong connection to Lion’s Arch. I bought Prophecies in a bundle with Eye of the North. My home is Kamadan. <3

      I could not decide for a favourity city in GW2. It's not Hoelbrak, as I find this a bit too light and bland sometimes (while still having some really great corners, of course!). But all the other are amazing! Still, I was excited when I saw LA in ruins. Especially because it's been the main hub. The festivals will have to take place somewhere else now, I guess. I'm really curious to see if they're going to build a new hub for us.


  3. Well, you know I can’t really write ‘short’! Maybe at gun point? Haven’t tried that yet :p
    You did everything wrong with GW1, so I can’t blame you for not being in love with LA :) . Have you at least played the ‘Beyond’ content?
    As for your closing sentence, my feeling is that we won’t be getting a new hub. They want to bolster the race’s capitals, so they’ll probably do something around them.


    1. Wrong? I didn’t do anything wrong with GW1. :( It was my “go to” game when I wanted to play it all alone and before I bought my first campaign, a friend recommended Nightfall because it’d give me access to the heroes.

      I did not play the Beyond content, because I wanted to get through with Prophecies first. :p Then GW2 happened…


  4. “GW2 happened”… You make it sound like a natural disaster, a tsunami :D I suppose it’s a valid parallelism. When I said ‘wrong’ I only meant chronological order of course! However I strongly suggest you give Beyond a try. It tells some great stories <3


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